Nothing left to fear

You have nothing to hide from, and there is no reason to pretend.

We invite you to catch yourself in the feeling of hiding, disguising. We invite you to see when you pretend because you fear rejection and offense.

Just see if there’s anything there to see. If there is, it’s an opportunity to accept healing and perception change. Do you want to continue walking around thinking you will be rejected? You don’t have to. You can allow that perception to be eclipsed by the love you are.

The only reason you hold onto the perception that you might get rejected is that you think it can keep you safe. It is within your power to allow this perception to be eclipsed by your true being. We are here to help you if you are willing to receive perception correction.

Simply state it this way:
I notice that thoughts of being rejected enter my awareness.
I am willing to have my perception corrected.
I recognize that when I allow this I am able to share healed perception mind-to-mind with others.
I am willing to receive healing now. 

And it is done.

And the same for concerns about giving offense. It is the same fear of rejection in another form. You will notice that if we are all one, it is impossible to be rejected. There is no exit from oneness, but you can choose an illusory experience to reflect a lack of oneness, a lack of harmony.

Simply state this:
I recognize that I have chosen an illusory experience of fragmentation.
I choose again now.
I am willing to have my daily experience reflect the reality of harmony and oneness back to me.
I accept perception correction related to all ideas of fragmentation. 

And so it is done.

It is safe to set down all defenses. When you do this, you allow the power you are to arise in your experience. When you allow this, you create pathways whereby your sisters and brothers remember the benevolent and harmonic power they always have been. When you walk defenseless into the world, you are open to inspiration, open to happiness. Your defenses–and you can only defend against love, because that is all there truly is–are what block that inspiration and happiness.

Our communication with you is all about getting you to set down the gun, the gun you didn’t even know you were holding. It’s the gun of projection, and it shoots out an ego fantasy, a fake reality. We call to you from outside of the fake reality so you allow a reflection of true Reality to emerge in your experience. Part of that is setting down the projection gun. You have to stop making the fantasy world–ego’s playground–to allow a reflection of the Real world to emerge in your experience.

So notice. What concepts are you holding onto with all your might, afraid to let go? You don’t need them. Everything you need is given to you moment by moment. Everything is placed gently in your lap as you need it.

What thoughts are you believing that are not true? What distressed feelings are you having because you are believing thoughts that aren’t true? Just notice.

Then you can notice something else. You build a social face to eclipse the disorder, the chaos of believing thoughts that aren’t true and then feeling pulled back and forth by them. It is fine to share the thoughts you are believing, to acknowledge that you feel pulled back and forth by them. You all find order and allow the chaos to drain away together. There is nothing you need to hide about the process.

T.S. Eliot speaks eloquently of what you do:

There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet

Time is for pretending. When you find no more need to pretend, to present a facade as a defense, you have no more need for time. You made time as a hiding place, but there is no need to hide.

Time serves a purpose right now, however. Thoughts cross your mind. Some of them feel disturbing. Find out if they are true.

What would life feel like without a brittle shell around you, a shell that could get cracked and dinged? A shell you present to others and hope they think well of? A shell that causes you to feel fear every time it gets penetrated? You’re the only one who can drop the shell because you hold it up like a defensive shield.

When you drop the shell, you accept healing. When you accept healing, you see all things as they are, and there is nothing left to fear.

Photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash

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