As amnesia fades away

Whenever you find yourself in a moment of internal or external conflict, take a moment. That is what time is for–healing. Begin to use time for its main purpose of healing. Using time for healing is journeying Home.

First of all, you won’t notice you’re in a state of conflict until it gets acute if you’re based in reactivity. Pay attention to those thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to the body. Does anything feel tense? Does anything feel threatened? Does anything feel heavy?

When you take the time to look at the manifestations of the false self of fear, they dissolve in the light you are.

First comes feeling or physical tension. They are your indicators that you are referring to false self to guide you. Thank them.

You heard thoughts that seemed disturbing. You may have begun to believe them. Watch this process with innocent curiosity. See how early you can catch it.

Once you’ve caught it–look. You were about to sow the seeds of disorder in your world, always in innocence. If you truly knew the effects of thoughts, you would not allow them to run wild. If you are coming to know, love yourself for noticing, for using time for the highest possible purpose.

Conflict with another
Let’s say that you’ve become aware that you let the false self lead. You are in the middle of a situation with another person, and it feels tense. The solution is not something that a false self enacts. The solution is flow. Flow comes from the Whole Self–the Self you’re sharing with the other guy.

Think far beyond anything specific. Think about what you want to enter this situation. Happiness. Ease. Movement where it feels stuck.

You listen to the thoughts and feelings that are coming up. Thank your feelings, your kind alert system. Your feelings let you know that you’ve chosen the wrong guide. They are never the other person’s fault. Your feelings are telling you this: In the past, you believed certain stressful thoughts, and they came into form in this situation right here because you believed them in innocence. Similar thoughts are arising now. Your belief in them is optional.

When you know not to believe the stressful thoughts, the ones that invite disorder and unhappiness into your experience and your world, what next? You refer to the proper guide–the Self that belongs to that other guy, too. You drop all preconceptions and orient yourself toward the fresh and new in this moment. What will come through you? Listening? Honest speech? A joke?

It’s never about trying to enact love or solutions. It’s a listening, a receiving, a flow into your experience. When you allow this flow into your experience, you drop your judgments about and your stance against the other guy. You allow the flow of Self through him, too. This is not about changing him or the situation. It’s about remembering who you are and who he is.

When you feel stress, you have re-entered amnesia. When you allow it to subside, you have realigned with Reality.

Fighting with yourself
When you find yourself in internal conflict, you are fighting not to see the Love that you are, the Love that you always have been. Happiness comes into your experience on  the flow of the Love that you are, the Love that permeates everything beneath the surface.

When you understand this, your experience and your world shift to match Reality. Each day is an opportunity to see this and bring it into form in a deeper way.

When you notice that internal conflict happening–that feeling of stuckness, indecisiveness, insecurity–the feeling is a gift to tell you to turn back around in the other direction. Don’t refer to the false self for guidance. Look to the True Self. If you blame your false self or an outside circumstance for your feeling of discomfort, you are missing the gift the feeling has brought to you.

Think of the True Self as operating in slow motion. You have to be patient, still, and receptive to hear its guidance. True Self is neither slow nor distant, but your chosen orientation makes it seem that way. Because you are accustomed to being oriented toward the false self, its voice will seem loud and active. It will offer many solutions. The way to see through all of this is feeling. When you are willing to feel the impact of each thought, you know when you have departed from your true identity.

Here’s to a day of remembering your Self.

Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash


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