The light we are dissolves what isn’t

You can do anything you want to do. How does that feel? Do you believe it?

If you don’t believe it, what seems to stand in your way? Is it perception you’ve adopted because of the evidence the world you’ve made through illusion seems to show you? We suggest to you that the illusion you made is actually a very shaky source of information.

Remember that perception precedes experience, including the experience of your ability in one area or another. When you want to clear perception, you can. This is one of those ask-and-it-is-given things. When you want clear perception more than you want the perceived stability or comfort of the illusion of limits you have made, you will receive clear perception.

We invite you to notice when you place value upon limited perception today–when you focus on form above what you and all others are, above trusting and knowing that all is always well. When do you allow the critical voice to enter, convince and command? When do you become its bitch?

Did I just hear that right? That’s what it felt like you said, very solemnly.

You’re the interpreter. You choose the words, but it’s visceral. It sparks. It gets your attention. Aren’t those very effective words to describe what happens? You put your very grand and shared self (in its perceived separate form) in subservience to an aspect of form, a sort of robotic and very automatic aspect of form. This ego, this source of separation perception, very consistently defers to fear, uses fear as its guiding force. Notice that there is no person to blame. There is only the choice to put your perceived small self in subservience to an illusion of your own making–an illusion you used for a particular kind of experience. It’s a mode of perception that will continue to churn out a particular kind of experience if you so choose.

Notice when you are experiencing the perception of separation–of giving separate forms false power. Notice when you give it heavy meaning, and your mood plummets in correspondence. Each moment of noticing is a gift that leads to your remembrance of your freedom. It’s a gift that leads you to recognize that you have always been free, and you are the only one who could have held yourself in subservience to your invention.

Ego is a subscription service. It most definitely requires that you subscribe to it on a moment-by-moment basis. Your invention has no actual hold on you. It’s only an attachment to the illusion of fear that you choose. The more you notice your own free choice to defer to the perspective of ego, living as if it were real, the more you invite change into your experience. By this we don’t mean that outer circumstances will necessarily change, although they may change drastically and rapidly. We mean that the quality you exude and what you share with others will feel very different.

It’s the difference between the feeling of what you are and the always-disturbing feeling of what you and all others never have been. That disturbed and disturbing feeling sends you chasing around in form trying to fix things, but when you notice what the source and effect of that disturbed and disturbing feeling is, you see yourself as one with the love that responds to all things.

You hold this particular world, with all its qualities, in place by your focus upon it. Are you willing to release your perceptions, to allow the world of your making to transform into the heaven of your creating?

Limited perception judges illusion. Whole perception sees the illusion for what it is and allows all things to be exactly as they are right now. When you choose whole perception, you have faith that all is well, and whatever information, abilities, motivation and direction you need will be provided for you. You have faith that every experience is now for the purpose of awakening and is valuable on that basis.

Consider what it means to allow all things to be exactly as they are. On the surface, it means that you don’t see a need to fight with the illusion. That is not your objective–to make a better illusion or to believe you have triumphed over an aspect of the illusion. So there is that level, and then there is something more. When you allow all things to be exactly as they are, it means that you recognize their essential nature as love. It means that you have remembered that there is nothing other than love. It means that you have turned the illusion over to the purpose of love’s remembrance. It means that you are inviting love to reveal itself in every aspect of the illusion–that the door is open for it to be expressed everywhere.

No one needs to step into an identity that is not love in order to define your separate self. When people feel this freedom in your presence, they find their own way. The light shining in you, without effort, activates the light that is always active in them. You are better able to perceive their shining and to allow it to lead you on your way. Everyone has something to give, and it’s the same thing. When you are willing to allow all things to be as they are right now, you are willing to see the love shining everywhere.

It is helpful, right now, to stop and remember that your choice for limited perception, for giving weight to individual parts of a whole, is powered by love itself. You wanted free will, which can be seen as conflicted will–the experience of aspects of yourself coming into conflict with other aspects of yourself, and you were granted that. You asked, and it was given. If it were fundamentally wrong to have free will and experience the effects of the choice for it, you never would have been given the free will option in the first place.

You requested the experience of free (conflicted) will, and you were not wrong to request it. The awakening is about remembering your innocence and your option. In your innocence, you requested an experience of relative guilt, and your innocence has never abated for one moment, no matter what you chose to experience within phenomenality. Your innocence is alive and vibrant right now. So is the innocence of everyone else currently choosing an experience of relative guilt. Their innocence is alive and vital right now. It always has been.

Your option is always to remember the oneness, innocence and power of your unified self. Your option is to be willing to release free-from-unity will in order to see how you have always been aligned with divine will, and it has never been possible to be otherwise. You were given the illusion of free will, and that is all it has ever been. You were given the illusion of guilt, and that is all it has ever been. There’s no sense in judging the illusion you were given the ability to make, but all sense in taking the option to be powered directly by the inspiration that streams from the true power of who you are. You allow that inspiration to stream through your current embodied experience into your world, and the world transforms. Pretty much the niftiest trick ever.  We’re all watching to see it happen!

And it has happened. That is a paradox to keep in mind, in a soothing way. This healing of your world has already happened, but you are experiencing it through your choice. All time has already happened. It was over in an instant. You’re experience the return journey, back to the awareness of unity.

Once you understand that there is nothing in phenomenality to fear, you will relax out of limited perception. You will become aware of the inspiration that is always there for you, and you will act on it naturally. You will choose that which offered you a choice because you desired it. Love, your creator and your unified identity, offered you this choice of conflicting wills because you desired it. Love lights up an inspired path Home because you desire it.

We invite you to notice the experience of guilt whenever it arises. If you are seeing guilt elsewhere, you are striving to cast off the heaviness of a personal guilt that is still active in your experience. This means that if you have any desire to criticize “elsewhere,” it is highlighting your current choice for ego because you are still engaged in the belief that someone must suffer.

From this point, celebrate. If you are looking directly at your choice for guilt, your choice for heaviness, your choice for threat, your choice for punishment, you are the light that dissolves the illusion, and it is dissolving as you look upon it with clarity and love. If you can allow this dissolving to happen whenever you notice your choice for ego, fear, problems and suffering, the simple voice of clarity and inspiration becomes more active and audible in your daily experience. You simply know what to do, more often. And you do it in clarity and peace.

The only reason you would cling to the ego-guilt-conflicted-will combo is that you think it will keep you and others safe. It does keep you limited, and you are accustomed to associating limits with comfort and safety. You are accustomed to associating the freedom you are with danger and threat. What to do? There is no need to struggle to alter your perception. It is done for you when you allow it. The more you see this association of limits with safety as the confusion it is, the more you will allow it to dissipate.

Every current life experience is perfect in relation with all others. Each life is a laboratory–one into which you entered to remember Truth while still embodied. You can sincerely thank your memories, your experiences and those beautiful others who participated in those situations that help you feel the guilt (and attachment to ego) that you carry around with you all the time. You carry it around as an option or setting you think you need for your safety and that of others. When you feel guilt, now knowing of the safety and love in which you have always been held, you can be curious about what would happen if you set it down. That is all that is needed.

We leave you with this very simple and light reminder. All that is needed for perception correction is a small measure of willingness. We expand as you expand because all are unified, and we thank you.

Photo by Sharon Co Images on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “The light we are dissolves what isn’t

  1. “The awakening is about remembering your innocence and your option.” Synchronistically, I received a download on this theme midday today. The tears flowed as I was reminded of the essence of spirit, gently dissolving all that isn’t love. May we all feel, know and be our divinity and reacquaint ourselves with the freedom of choice. Our choice to be separate and now our choice to be whole, empowered and sovereign. And so it is.

    Sending oceans of love.

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