Recognizing how close the miracle is

You are becoming fine-tuned, finely attuned to seeing and feeling where resistance is still present in your experience. It’s all up to you, but we are always here for your assistance.

We want you to take a moment to see how far you have come on this journey. See how much you have owned, how much you have taken responsibility for, and how you will continue to participate in this cleaning and clearing until all that is left is abiding in the peace you have always been, the harmonious creativity that has always been yours.

You can consider this part the downhill journey. Yes, you will still experience peaks and valleys, but as we have said before, it is finished. It is already done. You just get to experience the ride Home now.

So where resistance or dense energy seems present, if you are at all disturbed, it’s yours. That doesn’t mean that it’s not the other guy’s, too, but you are resonating in dissonance if you feel conflicted or contracted.

Your faith is building, however. In situations in which you turned to judgment, struggle and fight to find your way through, you are now merely and quite simply allowing. At first it was an allowing that seemed like helplessness, almost as if you were mourning the loss of the ego tools you put down. Now it is fast becoming clear to you that this allowing is the only power and abundance there is, and it is equally available to everyone.

Now joy is making itself known, crawling out from under its disguise. It has been disguised underneath every conflict, just beneath every feeling of intensity, heaviness and despair, at the core of everyone you meet, and always vibrantly alive within yourself. When you remember this most obvious of secrets–and isn’t it a marvel how so many forget so well–you allow it to come pouring forth into every situation, every interaction.

You allow the joy to come forth simply by knowing who you are, who everyone else is, and what every situation is for, regardless of any flimsy stories on the surface. No matter how dark, impenetrable and serious any surface story is, in truth the story is made of the most insubstantial of materials and is nothing at all next to the power and immensity of the joy that is always waiting for admittance into the world you have collectively made in denial of a harmony that has never ceased. Your harmony with All That Is has never stopped thrumming and vibrating, not even for a second. Once you remember its ever-presence and dip into the well that is always there for you in every moment, there is nothing that can conquer the truth of everyone’s identity, the truth of our purpose here. This is how miracles are performed.

Miracles are going to be natural, normal, commonplace, and eventually not needed. They are only a correction, and they are available to you in any moment you allow them. Let yourself become the conduit through which corrected perception comes to your world. There’s no better ride.

Photo by Carlos Domínguez on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “Recognizing how close the miracle is

  1. I used to have a wordpress blog. I just see now that I’m commenting from this one, as a shadow following me, crying for aknowledgment! Your words are inspiring and look like a piece of literature to me!

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