Love vs. Love

It’s unbearable–what used to be bearable to you before. This is  a good sign. You used to live your life charging ahead like a rhinoceros, and now it’s unbearable, unthinkable. But what comes into that void when you stop charging? What flows in?

Realize that everything that comes to meet you is love, and you meet it as love. It’s like there is only one thing in the universe, but there is still differentiation. The difference is that in this scenario it is very clear where to go, what to do, what to say, what calls you. You simply abide there. You’re not doing what you, as a separate entity, want anymore. You are flowing with all loving entities in harmony.

When you subside, you subside into Love. That’s all there is. You abide there.

That deep stillness–that is love–but so is the scintillating vibrance that arises in co-creation from that shared platform of Love. It is stillness. It is ecstatic movement and differentiation. It is everything.

And that is why you went so far out on a limb, so far into the illusion of suffering. You wanted to find your way back all along, and now it is done.

It is done. Keep this is mind. You are on the return ride Home, and there’s nothing you need to do to earn anything.

So if a conflict arises in your awareness, it is a unique opportunity. It’s your opportunity to see everything as love. What appears on one side of the conflict–Love. What appears on the other side of the conflict–Love.  So you see love facing love, and what connects them? Only love.

When you’re in the middle of a conflict or a feeling of density that seems so real, what can you do? Remember. Invite. Remember what you are, what everyone else is, what you are always surrounded with. Then invite. How will love express itself as you, though you? How will this apparent conflict subside? Get curious. See what happens next. Get a feel for being the conduit. See the other guy that way. Get very interested and curious about how love will express itself through him today.

You’re always meeting yourself, and if anything comes up to block that awareness, just ask to see. We are always with you, always so happy to help.

Photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash

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