Take ownership to allow order

There’s a very simple switch that gets flipped, over and over and over again during your day. It’s the tendency to find something that’s wrong. Do you think you could survive without this tendency?

It’s a very good question. What you are survives everything, remember? Although dying is an experience you gave yourselves, it is not truly possible to die. This idea of finding something wrong in order to put it right or in order to find a secure identity as helpless victim–those are all experiences you’re giving yourselves, and you’re working together to do this.

So go back to this repeated experience of finding something wrong. Look at the set where this belief happens, as if it’s a stage set. Now see yourself setting up this whole stage ahead of time. You are the set painter, the props mistress, the costume designer, the script writer. And then you have the experience of enacting it. When you enact it, you also give yourself the sense have having nothing to do with setting those conditions up. Isn’t that amazing? You keep doing this–over and over and over. But you don’t have to do it anymore. It’s always been optional.

Own this tendency. Say to yourself, “I came into this world with the intention of finding things that are wrong, and I take full responsibility for this innocent desire.” Now, because you have claimed ownership of this tendency–you are victim to nothing–you have the power to watch this tendency swirl and slip down the drain.

Take a moment to see this tendency in yourself. Own it in the full knowledge that this exploration is completely innocent, and you have been held in love without interruption the entire time you have been exploring resistance. See the power you have to drop this tendency to the ground. See water swirling around it, dissolving it, see it disappear down the drain.

Unnecessary. We want you to keep this word in mind. Every time you perceive a limit or condition that you would call unfortunate, we would like you to try something else. Please own that limit or condition fully and without guilt, even if you think you are observing it somewhere else.

Let’s say you are looking at a war. Own it. Say, “I came here with the intention of having the experience of war, and I have done so. I know that the experience of war has never been necessary, and I am ready to release it now.” See it swirling down the drain.

If you have an argument or feel the energy of resistance in the presence of a loved one, say, “I came here with the intention of experiencing resistance, and I have done so. I have done a very good job, and I remain innocent. I am ready to release this experience now.” Down the drain it goes.

What comes into its place? It’s an accurate representation of the perfection of you and all others, the love that has always surrounded you, the love that has always been present. You declare that you are ready to see and experience that now. And so it is.

When you take ownership of the conditions you have requested, you also stand in your power, the power you forgot about but never lost, to invite love into your experience in tangible ways.

Struggle is related to maintaining or establishing order. Order is. If you take action based on an idea that order isn’t, that it needs struggle to make it visible, you make the request for continued struggle and you get it. Are you the one establishes order? You are that order, so you need do nothing to earn it. When you make the decision that you are the power and the order, your actions will be part of the flow of revealing that underlying order to all.

Be brave enough to be immense, beautiful, and bigYou always have been. You can stop pretending now. There’s no need to hide. There never has been a need to hide, but you have successfully convinced yourself in the past that you were who it is impossible to be. You convinced yourself that you were a separate, cut off and vulnerable piece of life that would wither and end. You lied, but you forgot you were lying.

Now is the time for remembrance. The only thing you have ever feared is love, because the only thing that could dominate and suffuse this illusion of terror you have co-created is the love that you have always been. The power you are has waited very patiently for you to finish your game of pretend, and it will flow into your experience the second you stop attempting to manage it. Love won’t be managed. It just is. When you are willing to let all things be, that’s when love can make itself apparent in everything.

The separate self, the phantom, sits down. And love arises through you and does all things. Why does the separate self sit down? It has only ever been a tool you have used with intention to have this experience of separation. It is not something that could suffer or die. It’s just an energy that dissipates into nothing when you stop using it.

Obvious. Keep this word in mind. It’s going to become very obvious to you when you are using the energy of fear, of egoic consciousness. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to feel very annoying. It’s really going to bother you, and that’s a very good thing. It’s just a kind signal to set it down and allow the love you are to operate in you, as you. Use a single breath as a reset, and let this habit unwind, wither, and melt away.

Photo by SoloTravelGoals on Unsplash

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