The immensity of you

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What you are is awareness. What you truly are is immense. The immensity–the power and purity of you–outshines any phenomenal occurrence, any temporary condition, any seemingly finite or limited resource. It is not up to you to manipulate or fix anything in your world. Rather, when you can come into the energy of embracing and accepting every apparently separate thing exactly as it is right now–when you can come fully into the energy of yourself–you naturally become a part of solutions that are enacted effortlessly and in harmony.

Ego calls you to smallness and to effort. Do you hear it calling from its cage over there? It beckons you back into the smallness of the cage, telling you that encompassing yourself in limits will keep you safe from forces outside.

But the jig is up. There is nothing outside of you. What you are has always encompassed all, and the idea of a cage was only ever an experience you chose. When you look at others as similarly limited, you are making a choice in that moment to see limits instead of truth.

Ego encourages you to decide what is good and what is bad, and to pursue one while fearing and avoiding the other. You do not have to move in accordance with ego’s suggestions. Indeed, you have never needed to do that. It has always been a choice, and every moment brings a chance to choose again.

Because there is only one true and joined Self, every time you make the choice for ego, you choose to see your fellow beings as limited and victimized, and you share that energy with them.

The only other choice it is possible to make is a choice for divine will. Divine will doesn’t have any sales tactics. Those are all for ego. Divine will doesn’t need any sales tactics because you simply flow with it in the absence of ego.

Recognizing and flowing with divine will doesn’t make you a better person. You realize it’s impossible to be a better person, and instead you see perfection and equality everywhere. You can just be. And as you are just being, you are sharing the energy of that with all.

It’s always very simple. Whenever you need to, return to that immensity, power and simplicity of you. That’s the intersection where we all meet.

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash



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