Gripping an open manacle

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When we experience stress, it’s an opportunity. The immensity of who we truly are is always present. You can use the idea of the body, even though it is only your tool and you are so much more than that, to represent your expression here in this place and time.

So see this bright, bright light at the core of the body. As you have allowed your awareness of who you are and who all others truly are to return to you, and as you have made it a priority during your day to remind yourself of this often, that core of light has gotten bigger and bigger in your perception.

In your perception. This part is key. The core of light within everyone here is the same undying, unendingly beautiful expression of harmony, and it is equally strong within each one, but the differences you see here in this experience belong to your perception. That’s why you can take ownership of everything and see that there is nothing outside of you. All are joined in the same beautiful light, and when you allow that to come into your perception, then you see the truth all around you. Everything is alive, and it all communicates to you and with you lovingly.

According to your current way of seeing things, here is a visual representation of what is happening. We are not claiming that this description is reality. It’s simply a temporary image to help you along your way. It will take you to your next step.

There is this core of light within you. It started as just a spark, but as you remembered, it got much bigger and stronger. Now you feel greedy. You want it all the time. You want it to take over all of you. You are like the heroine in the romance, wind flowing in your hair, as you cry dramatically, “Take me now!”

We laugh. We laugh because at the same time we can see you holding onto your insecurities and limits out of habit. So your one hand is extended to your lover, the light, and you claim surrender. Your other hand is firmly fixed upon the open manacle that used to chain you to insecurities and limits. The manacle is open now, and you are holding onto it with all your might.

It’s okay. We understand. It is all you have ever known, in a sense. According to almost everything you were ever taught, you need this manacle, this tether to what you once thought of as security and stability. It is actually a tether to insanity.

A useful visualization for you in times of stress is to see this remaining hand upon the open manacle, and you just lift one finger up. Maybe you see yourself holding it between thumb and forefinger. Maybe you see yourself dropping it. Just see what happens when you invite yourself to see your hand gripping the open manacle.

The stress serves you. Think of this light within you getting bigger and bigger. It’s filling up more and more of your body, and that means it fills up more and more of your moments of experience. Every time it expands outward, if it encounters any old patterns that need to go, those will surface in your experience, and you will feel stress, contraction, irritation.

Those are your moments. What limitation seems apparent and real in those moments? What insecurities voice themselves within you? Have you had enough? Your hand is clinging to the open manacle. What will you do? Do you see it slipping off?

When you let go, the new is allowed into your experience. The unknown is given free reign, and trust us, that’s exactly how you want it to be. The unknown corrects everything. The unknown is also known as the miracle. The unknown is only called the unknown in your world because you are all so very afraid of the love you are, the love that connects you and threatens your separate identities and therefore your sense of separate will.

This littleness that seems to want to be in control of everything, that seems to want to protect your comfort and keep you small and contained, it is the very source of stress and insanity–both in your personal experience and in your world. If offers you nothing but disturbing dreams.

Seen in that light, it’s easy to let go, isn’t it? Every moment of stress, every moment of confusion, every moment of contraction–it’s another invitation to allow the new and unknown into your experience.

We would like to introduce you to the new and unknown–it’s you. It’s love. Love can never be completely withdrawn from your experience, because love fuels all experiences, but you can disallow it to a great degree if you have valued false gifts even more. Love only seems like the frightening unknown to you because you are so accustomed to using effort and judgment in attempts to hold it away from yourself. All the while, you think you are efforting and struggling toward something that would bring you the satisfaction and security that the world’s idea of love seems to represent.

You put the false gift down to flow into and with the true gift. Flowing with what you truly are feels right. Attempting to flow with the insanity of separate and conflicted wills will never feel right.  Celebrate the fact that it feels so wrong, and rest in the knowledge that this guidance through feeling will never leave you.

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash


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