Every reason for confidence

Today we invite you to see what specifics come into the general. By this we mean that what you are expresses itself in specific ways, but what you actually are is the Whole, expressed as an aspect. When you remember this, there is curiosity to see what will arise next. There is less planning, less struggle for control. This doesn’t mean that you place a ban on planning because what comes into being can look like a plan. It can look like an ordered repetition. It can look like anything at all, and as you release fear, you’re willing to allow anything at all, anything truly beneficial to the whole, to come in to being. You’re becoming less and less judgmental about what that looks like, but you’re becoming more and more certain about how it feels.

You are here to extend love. That is your purpose. How do you know that you are extending love? Nothing blocks it. When you are extending love, you have no sense of anything in the way. Everything fits together. The truth of it is that what you are always extends love, and what everyone else is always extends love, too. What will you allow into your perception? How much misperception are you willing to release? Are you willing to release it all?

Spoiler alert! Yes, you’re willing to release it all, because that’s the divine will, and it has always been yours. In other words, you never intended to get permanently lost in a world of conflict, and it was never possible for you to get permanently lost in a world of conflict.

Your view of others is changing as you understand the roles that they are playing, as you understand the nature of human interaction when all is turned over to the purpose of healing. When all is turned over to the purpose of healing, this means that you surrender control by what you once perceived to be an individual. You see through this fiction of control, so it doesn’t make sense to play that game anymore.

When you are appreciating the roles of everyone you encounter, you can see how they do extend love in every moment by those very roles. Let’s say you have three things left to release before your misperception is cleared up, and the next three people you encounter guide you beautifully to that release. One may compliment you and smile at you. One may insult you. The third may look at you as you pass one another. All played equally beneficial roles in the breaking free of a chunk of separate identity so it can rise to the top for you to release it.  All are perfectly placed, enacting their roles flawlessly. It cannot be any other way.

This is what we mean by your never having left harmony. The roles have always been harmonic–perfectly placed for the benefit of all, and once you realize how amazing this is, you stop judging it all and start appreciating the beautifully divine design, even in a world that experiences such extremes of opposites. When you stop judging it all and replicating that intensity of the interplay of opposites, that’s when it gets really interesting. That’s when you allow the harmony that is already present to simply present in a different form, but it’s the same thing. The same thing! The only difference is the perception.

The more you realize what’s really happening here, the more you appreciate all aspects of all the opposites, all roles being played everywhere. The less you judge, the more the higher self becomes embodied, expresses through the body. Where once a perspective of conflict and struggle took up most of the “space” in what you perceive to be a separate individual, now knowledge and love radiate out. Where once a separate self needed clear definitions in order to distinguish itself from other separate selves with separate worth, now the self delights in the Self–the union of all the selves, which can always be felt and appreciated.

We talk of ego as the false self, but words have limits. This truly is a process of waking up. You don’t have to displace or defeat some imposter self. You just realize that you had it all wrong, right down to your own perception of who you were, and then the confusion gets cleared up. As you come to remember your true Self, you also see that Self in all others. They are totally free to be as they are because you know they are love, and you know that whatever form they are taking right now, it’s definitely to everyone’s benefit and couldn’t possibly be any other way.

Knowing this, you tend to relax. And what do you relax into? You relax into your true self, because what else is there? There is only this. There is only what has no opposite, what could never, ever be truly opposed. This is the basis of forgiveness, knowing the sheer impossibility of ever separating from your creator. It could only happen in a dream, and that’s exactly how it did appear to happen. You saw it in a dream, and you believed it!

Now you can see everyone as on the same team, even if they show up in your dream as having no idea about what you share yet. The point of everything that is happening is to aid you in allowing your knowingness to grow stronger and stronger. As you allow it to grow stronger and stronger, your ability to share healing becomes stronger, more versatile and more flexible. When you know that we all share one unified purpose, and that we all help each other as we allow the awareness of that to strengthen…well, things get very interesting.

We are overjoyed to see what is happening in your world, and we dearly love to play our part in it. We play our parts with vast confidence because why wouldn’t we trust in that which we are, that which you are, that which everyone with every possible label actually is?  We share this confidence with you in delight that you are allowing it, with joy that you’re sharing it with others.

Photo by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash

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