Allow the struggle to melt

You have a concierge. It is the wholeness of you, which is connected to everyone else, too. Allow the Whole to handle all the details for you.

When you attempt to handle details as a separate self, it hurts. Notice the pushing energy that enters when you are acting as a separate self. Notice the anxiety. Notice the foundational thoughts believed in order for struggle or effort to occur. When you allow action to flow, quite simply, from who you are, which includes who everyone else is, too, it is harmonic, and that is why there is no struggle.

If you encounter struggle, however, celebrate. You have undoing work to allow, and allowing this process of seeing through thoughts benefits you and everyone around you.

Emotional pain is always the result of stories believed, strings of thoughts accepted. Watch the thoughts. See what you accept. Notice that you, as love, are accepting these thoughts of strife and judgment. Now notice your world. Anything you see that would disturb you–it is an outpicturing of these thoughts accepted. We are here to assist you in clearing your perception. You only have to allow it.

When you do this thought work and allow us to help you, Divine Will becomes very obvious. It feels very naturally your own. There is no struggle in it.

Your function is to extend the good, the beautiful, and the holy. In other words, your function is to extend that which has no opposite into the illusion. The bad, the ugly, the unholy–all illusions projected from your mind. When you see those things in your world, you are witnessing the outpicturing process. When you see the thought-outpicturing-experience connection, you become very willing to accept our help in the clearing of misperception.

Who is to judge what the good, the beautiful and the holy are? Leave that to the whole, for the Whole is what you are. The Whole judges all as innocent, all as good, all as beautiful, all as holy. If you’re not seeing it that way yet, we stand ready to help you clear up your misperceptions.

You have never done anything wrong, because that’s not possible. No one else has ever done anything wrong, because that’s not possible. As individuated aspects of the whole, you have enacted roles and dramas within a dream world that is made of opposites that do not actually exist. It is all interpretation. It is all a cloud of misperception, and all of it depends on that fundamental perception that you are separate from one another.

That which is experienced as holy is a reflection of your Wholeness, and when you learn to see with true vision, this glimmer of Wholeness is reflected back to you everywhere, in everyone, in everything. Allow us to show you today. It is our honor to assist you.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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