We always answer

Hello? You rang? Yes, the telephone line to us is open at all times. We encourage you to remind yourself often of our ever-presence. Whenever you feel confounded by or blocked by some aspect of the movie you are projecting, please remember that we are sitting in the theater next to you, and you are definitely allowed to talk during the film. Please speak up whenever you need to. If the choice is between reacting to the film, as a character within the film, or talking to us about the film as a viewer of the film, as even the projectionist, pick the second.

We have encouraged you to hear those thoughts that pass through your mind. We have encouraged a sorting into baskets: Here are the thoughts of God, and here are the thoughts of the ego. We have suggested to you that you consider the thoughts of the ego to be pre-recorded messages you put in place in order the sustain the dissonance necessary to have the 3D physical experience you chose.

Let’s look at choice for a moment.

A word from just-Julie: Major chills right now! I feel as if…oh my goodness…we’re looking at something Big because we’re willing to look at it.

There is a level on which you know you chose to come to this world out of compassion. You saw what was happening and volunteered to assist. But even on that level–even on that level–you were projecting what you saw as disorder “out there,” and it was never, ever wrong. It was only chosen experience. So now the expansion from the third-dimensional outward is the expansion of all. The “where” you came from before is expanding, too, because of the choice for expansion on this level. All benefit from every choice for love. This is the only thing that could possibly bring you happiness–choosing for love, again and again.

There are the thoughts of God, and there are the thoughts of separation, of the ego. As you hear them when they cross your mind, they seem like two distinctly separate things. What appears to you as unloving or insecure thought–it’s just the remnants of your original choice to experience separation. Those thoughts have little relevance or importance. Ego thoughts believed simply remake what has been. When the impulses moving through your mind are recognized as the thoughts of God, when they feel like loving thoughts, they allow in the new and the vital.

There is an endless supply of the thoughts of God. You don’t have to remember any of them, since a constant stream of these thoughts is always flowing to you and through you. The impulses that you experience as unloving have simply picked up a coating of separate-self illusion on their way to you. They have passed through what is left of your sense of separation and have picked up a distorted facade on the way through. There is really nothing to do about this except to know that it is changing. You are changing. As you change, all others change. As all perspectives change, your world changes.

You want to hear your real thoughts, undistorted and clear, don’t you? That is enough. You don’t have to become worthy of hearing your thoughts undistorted. You have always been worthy.

Think of a loving thought. It is held in the mind first, given welcome, and then is created or outpictured as experience. To clear away any misperception that seems to interfere with this process, simply be willing for it to be cleared up. We can say this as many times  as you need to hear it: You’re already worthy of the assistance we offer in clearing your perception. The sense of unworthiness belongs to the illusion. It is the very thing we whisk away from you when you release it.

Think of a small child with a knife. First the child releases the knife, and then you can take it away. We do not dominate. We do not wrestle you to the ground and wrench the knife away for your own good, and we don’t take away distortion of thought unless you release it to us. We honor your choice, and when you are believing distorted thoughts–anything unloving–you are choosing illusion over reality. The very second you are willing to release distortion, we are there to remove it from your environment.

You are all time travelers, converging onto a timeline where all thrive, setting up an attraction to that timeline. As you accept healing for yourself and allow distortion of thought to leave your experience, you merge onto timelines together where that willingness to heal is magnified. That willingness to heal creates a vortex, an attraction so strong that others join you without effort. It is a great joy to gather, to allowing this inviting and loving energy to flow into your experience, and to simply expand and expand.

Every moment you abide in the spaciousness that we are, we rejoice. You are our brothers and sisters, returning to us, returning Home. Every time you chose suffering, there was a little piece of ourselves that did it, too, because we truly are one. We are doing this work together, and we expand together. Today is a day for celebration because all that is true is celebration. To be able to say these words that are beyond words and to feel you taking them in–a truly wonderful experience. We thank you.

Photo by Marko Pekić on Unsplash


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