Welcome Home

Remember when you invented time? That’s a joke.

The re-membering is a putting back together to realize that time never actually was or is. Time was invented by you for the use of the ego, also invented by you. Outside of the egoic experience, time is not necessary or desired. In fact, you know by now that nothing is desired because you always have all you need.

You asked for the ability to manufacture illusions because you wanted to know what it was like to take on an identity not your own, an identity as separate from your creator, an identity as subject to things separate from you instead of as one eternally flowing with all. You asked to forget that in order to experience something “other,” and so you did. You are not wrong to manufacture illusions, and you were not wrong for asking for that ability in the first place. You have only ever been the extension of love, and you could never be wrong.

You went out to the far edge of possibility, and now you approach God after having forgotten the true nature of yourself and your creator. Those who don’t believe in God are correct. The belief they are rejecting is a belief in something other than themselves. They are correct. There is nothing other than Self, so to think of a God who would punish–that’s just further illusion, and you are correct to set it down. There could never be a God that you aren’t. To those of us who abide in this awareness and extend it to you, we appreciate your approach back to yourself. We celebrate as you return to your awareness of your union with us.

When you are resting in your awareness of your union with us, you’re looking at the illusion from an elevated perspective, a broader perspective, a nonjudgmental perspective, a loving perspective. It is a very forgiving perspective, since from here you can see clearly that there is nothing to forgive.

Looking at the illusion with us, think of that which supports and encompasses this drama being played out. You used this drama as a bolthole you never needed. You kept your awareness attached to this drama because you feared what you saw as your own wrongdoing. You looked for salvation from what you saw as your terrible sin in the things you label as positive within this world–the polarity of the good vs. the bad. You reached for those “good” things.

At times you ran from the terrors that you believed were facing you if you let go of this hiding place in time. You immersed yourself in “bad” behavior in an attempt to drown out love’s call to you by reaching for what you saw as power over others. Anything–anything to soothe this raging guilt. Maybe taking control would help. Maybe dominating and being in charge would help. Maybe being a victim and taking your punishment would help. Maybe being little and powerless would help as you cower before the one you believe will judge and punish you. Can you see how the two aspects of yourself worked together in a parody of harmony, in a never-ending attempt to escape that which has only ever loved and supported you?

And that whole time, the ability to extend love has always been yours. You all know love. You know how it feels. What if you referred to only this? What if you let all the escape attempts go now? What then? Could you admit that you don’t deserve to be punished?

Feel compassion for yourself and others as you observe the ways in which you have clung to the drama for salvation because it was the only safety you knew. You became so quickly enmeshed in guilt and identification as separate self that you kept on hanging onto the drama, the good vs. the bad, the back and forth, the striving, the reaching.

Now you are turning your awareness to Love, and so many are doing this with you. Many more are joining you even now. It is perfectly simple, is it not? You are all forgiven, and you only ever needed your own forgiveness. Having forgiven everyone and everything, every tiny aspect of this drama, you can head Home now, and know how warmly you will be received. We are enfolding you even now in a loving embrace of welcome.

Welcome home to who you are in eternal harmony with us, forever unsullied by your imaginary adventures, no matter how colorful or dramatic. Welcome Home.

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

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