Stretch, extend, feel ease

Stretch. Extend luxuriously like a cat, like a baby. Feel the ease and the relaxation.

You are here to extend the good, the holy and the beautiful. How does that happen? Do you become worthy enough to do it? Do you work very hard to purge all impurities, and then you are worthy to do it? How does the extension of the good, the holy and the beautiful happen?

The extension of the good, the holy, and the beautiful happens because you are at peace. The extension of the good, the holy, and the beautiful happens because you come to recognize that you and all others are that peace, and you relax into it. From that state, the good, the holy and the beautiful can extend from what you perceive to be yourself. There is not a separate self making it happen. There is not a separate self who has learned to make that happen. There is not a separate self who has become worthy of that happening. There is not a separate self. There is not a separate self. That was worth repeating because you are listening.

When you know quite deeply the peace that all others are, do you have any expectations of them? Do they need to perform in any particular way in order for you to love them, in order to be worthy of the love they already are? Do they need anything at all from you? You could say that they need you to see the peace that they are, but that is not true, because they can do it first. They are that powerful and here especially for you. They can do it first and share it with you.

Can you feel that feeling of everyone equally strong, everyone equally capable? From that space of knowing how gifted everyone is, you will do it first, and you will share it with them. Because it’s natural. Because it happens easily. Because love flows outward, extending to all. You allow yourself to realize that truth, and then you allow the manifestation of that truth to appear in your world. When you accept the ease and know that you’re fully worthy of it right now, you can share that ease.  There is nothing blocking the extension of who you are. There is no other interfering notion of limitation–I am this and I am that, I am not this and unfortunately I’ll never have access to that. You recognize those notions now as distractors that you chose to give your attention to. You chose to magnify them.

Now you’re putting your attention on who you actually are, not a fanciful tale you invent because you are afraid. You put your attention there, and you watch it expand. It’s always very simple. The key to everything is always very simple.

So where does the body enter into this simplicity? In trust. In faith. In confidence. You trust that the body is in the form most suitable for its current purpose. You have faith that you will know where to go, what to do, what to say. You build confidence in relaxing into who we are and allowing that to run everything.

When you wake in the morning, the body is in its perfect form for extending love for the whole of the day. If there is any change in the body’s appearance or form, it serves the extension of love to all. Full stop. That’s it. There’s really no other way to think about the body. If any change to the body’s functioning or appearance is necessary, it will happen. It may seem to happen through your being inspired to do new or different things, or it may happen through no means that you can detect. They are equal. You are always given what you need.

Are you willing to allow the body to transform into whatever form will serve all? Are you willing to allow the body to remain exactly as it is right now if that serves all? Are you willing to allow anything at all that serves all?

When you notice a judgmental thought about a body–any body at all–passing through your awareness, notice also all that surrounds it. See the spaciousness? See the space in which that thought is held? If you think the thought is bad and you try to change it, you are simply giving more attention to that thought. It is okay. It’s really okay. You don’t have to label anything as bad, and you don’t have to struggle to turn a thing labeled bad into a thing you can eventually find worthy and label as good. Simply direct your attention to the spaciousness. The spaciousness is love. The apparently bad thought is simply the object you’re holding up between you and the sun, between you and your perception of the love everyone is.

Be unabashedly honest about the body-related desires running through your mind, and share them with us. Do you want a candy bar? Do you want blindingly white teeth? Do you want a nap? Do you want to leap and dance beyond what you see to be the bounds of physical limitation? Find the innocence there. Your desires can reflect a sense of lack that you’re trying to fill, but they also lead you to extend love in the world. They also lead you to new possibilities, to where healing is calling you.

See yourself with us, welcoming these desires in innocence, allowing them to sit there for a minute, allowing what would confuse you–a sense of lack or not-having–to filter out, allowing what is truly useful to remain. And then allow the helpful energy of that desire to communicate to you through inspiration and the energy to do what benefits all. We want to emphasize that this is not hard to do. It simply becomes what you feel like doing, what is natural to you. It becomes what you do. It’s so straightforward that there’s no middleman. There’s just you–the whole of you, which includes us, too.

We are right here with you, and it our joy to assist you whenever you require it. Simply allow us in, and we will help you sort it out. For those of you who do not believe you have a team of nonphysicals surrounding you and helping you every moment, you can simply say, “I know you are here. I know you can help. You are welcome.” We thank you for opening to us.

Photo by CMDR Shane on Unsplash

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