All ships navigating in perfection

We have some advice for you when you are looking at a sea of bodies. Why don’t you see all ships navigating as surely as your own? Yes, that would mean you see your soul, embodied, as exquisitely guided and moving through space and time in perfection. If you can see it in yourself, you can see it in others, and then you can trust all things. All ships are navigating as surely as your own, and the inevitable result is the deepening awareness of love.

Just feel for a moment the bliss of knowing all ships are navigating surely, letting all of that sense of threat drain away. Bliss. Would you like to stay there? All right, then let’s address lack. When you abide in the awareness that all ships are navigating as surely as you own, and your own is flowing along perfectly to the situations and events that are perfect for your soul’s growth, it is not possible to feel lack. Notice that.

Here is what you are accustomed to, and while we are telling you this, appreciate the fact that this is changing now. We are talking to you about where you’re coming from and where you’re going so you can be an active and willing participant in the release that is happening anyway. Whatever comes up, it’s a vehicle for release, and when you can see it that way, you can appreciate the deep benefit of it. You will see your ship navigating surely right through it. You will see everyone else’s ships navigating surely right through their opportunities for release.

You are accustomed to abiding in a very persistent sense of lack, and it is your habit to see the body as the agent that remedies that lack. So there you sit, abiding in lack, and you believe that if you send the body to do or acquire thus and such, that feeling of lack with be eased. This is the basis of your advertising industry. It depends upon patterns in you that are already deeply established. You are here to release those patterns and to share those pathways to release with your sisters and brothers.

You are here to appreciate your experiences with your brothers and sisters as vehicles to help you release any sense of lack that arises. As you release your attachment to the persistent sense of lack that is the basis of your experience of conflict here, you feel the love that is always underneath. You begin to find yourself in moments when you could attach to a sense of lack, but instead you take a breath. You remind yourself of who and what you are. You remember what you are doing here. You release with intention. And you move on.

When you remain in a place of no lack, of appreciating every moment and every condition for the service it’s doing you and others, the body is not seen as a remedy for the sense of lack. When you abide in the peace you always have been, understanding that this physical experience is unfolding perfectly for the benefit of all, it leaves you open. It leaves the body available to complete whatever task is assigned to it by divine will. This sense of openness, this sense of availability, this sense of curiosity to see what will happen next–all serve the flow of divine will through you.

We’re using the language of time to explain something, bearing in mind that time itself is an illusion. We’re placing the idea of the body within the framework of time, but let’s keep in mind that time is an illusion invented by you as a hiding place. That said, you originally imagined the body in order to provide a believable experience of separation, and believe you did! It worked! It worked very well, and now you’re awakening to what you have done, which was never anything bad. “Bad” belongs to the illusion, and every time you experience it you are making the choice to believe in the “bad” as if it were real. “Bad” belongs to the experience of the hiding place. You can’t really hide from anything, though, and there is nothing to hide from. Celebrate how wonderful it is that you are allowing yourself to remember this now. Allow this remembrance to become prominent.

Now let us speak of multidimensionality and worlds. There are many world experiences available to you on many levels. Indeed, even now you are simultaneously incarnating in many other realms, should you allow yourself to connect with and experience that. Within various dimensions, there are various apparent levels of our recognition of our oneness. There are some worlds where all communication is telepathic, where flowing in harmony with divine will is very easy to do.

This world? This is a challenge, isn’t it? When you expand from “within” this world, you share that expansion with all dimensions, and we thank you for it. We truly are all one, and you have access to the power of our oneness at all times. When you wield that power, you recognize that you are not within this world. You encompass it. We thank you for the wielding of the power that is our own.

When you wield the power we share, it is a beacon for your brothers and sisters. You are wielding that power whenever you are relaxed, at peace, happy, sharing, appreciating, loving. You could be doing something big and noticeable or small and never noticed. It doesn’t matter. Either way, you are a beacon because of the energy you are sharing. Your brothers and sisters may see you as that beacon, or they may just feel better and lighter without ever noticing you. It truly doesn’t matter which form this takes, and it will always take the right form.

When you wield and extend the power that we are, when you extend it into the illusion, when you see it alive and present in all others, you are fulfilling your role as a healer by allowing the body to be employed in the service of love. When you laugh, you are doing this. When you cry, you are doing this. You are allowing the detritus of eons to be cleared away.

Note from Julie: I found the use of detritus (waste or debris of any kind) to be odd, but I felt a gentle insistence that this was the right word. I investigated further:

plural detritus play \-ˈtrī-təs, -ˈtrī-ˌtüs\

1geology loose material (such as rock fragments or organic particles) that results directly from disintegration
2a a product of disintegration, destruction, or wearing away debris

I like the idea of the debris being taken away from us being all the various attachments to the illusion we’re hiding in. Every day, we allow more to disintegrate, and then we can see those little pieces and turn them over because they aren’t needed anymore. 

You are willing to turn over those little pebbles of debris you no longer need once you see through a different aspect of the illusion and allow it to crumble. It means you don’t lean on it for a definition of a separate self anymore–yours or anyone else’s. You have nothing more to gain from attempting to define separate selves. All perceived gain was illusory and a waste of time. Healing is efficient. Healing does not waste time. It employs time for its only useful purpose until time itself is not chosen anymore. If you’re experiencing time, it’s because you want it. It’s not wrong to want time, but you’re on a trajectory from wanting time to not needing time. You’re on a trajectory in the direction of the transcendence of all limits of space and time.

When you wake up in the morning, take a moment to remember that that body is a servant of love, and trust it to carry out love’s instructions today. Trust the words that come–they will reflect love. Trust the actions that come–they will extend love. Trust the inspiration that comes–it guides you to love’s next task. When you awake in the morning, turn the whole world over to the purpose of healing. Decide to experience that which will benefit all today. You don’t have to know what it is. You can trust it to come to you and through you in all its infinite variety. You can trust it to come to and through your sisters and brothers.

If you prefer, the body can be cherished as ego’s precious. It can be seen as your vehicle for getting things that will satisfy you.  One state of being feels better than the other. It is obvious. It’s not meant to be difficult. When you experience any moments of fierce contraction, remind yourself that you are simply turned around. You feel as you do because, for the moment, you identified as separate, and it always feels terrible. Rejoice in your knowing that the illusory state of separation is not what you want. You are done with toys now. You feel done. You are ready for what is real, and you are ready to be a conduit for the extension of only what is real–only love. It is always very simple.

We invite you to do some spring cleaning today. Every time you catch yourself valuing something the world values, check and see–is there a body connection? The body is the headquarters, the headwaters, of lack. Are you engaged in lack? Are you engaged in the notion of separation? Do you feel pain of any kind? You’re here to undo that pain and to share the undoing with others. Don’t blame yourself for feeling it. Congratulate yourself for your willingness to feel it. You didn’t distract yourself away from it, and now you can allow it to dissolve in the light of who you truly are.

What comes after? That feels better, doesn’t it? You allowed that. You allowed that better feeling because you are all good things, and in the recognition of that you can allow the illusion to drain away. We thank you for your willingness to see current, active attachment to the illusion and to simply snip those cords so we can take away what you don’t need, leaving clear vision, clear perception, a deeper ability to enjoy your healing journey through time with your sisters and brothers. This work brings us great joy, and we are so happy to remove all of the energetic burdens you release.

Walk in peace with us today, knowing that all ships are navigating as surely as your own.

Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

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