Who you aren’t

We extend to you today the option of staying open to who you are, rather than getting caught up in the struggle and the storyline of who you aren’t. Ask, “What is the purpose of the body today?” Can you ask this question innocence and openness, not knowing the answer? Can you remain open to a sure and strong guidance that soon transforms from guidance into simply the love that moves you? You think at times you are unworthy and weak, and when your focus is on that, and when you are busy believing this, you block the experience of simply moving with all that is.

If you know today that you could do or say anything at all, and you are always ready to serve yourself (because yourself is all), this will help. What will it help? It will help the stories that distract or dominate in your awareness swirl down the drain. This brings your focus to the simplicity of this moment, where inspiration is alive.

Let us delve into one distraction cycle. Before we do, we don’t want you to do the hard work of giving it up. Here is a trash receptacle. Take the words hard work and toss them in here, please. When you believe you are engaged in the arduous, you tense your body to a degree that it is very difficult for us to have any communication at all with you, when our constant communication is the most natural thing in the world. Believing that you are engaged in the arduous is a form of blocking the gifts that are always flowing to you.

You weren’t doing it wrong. You simply didn’t know that you could turn left instead of right. You didn’t know you had an option. Once you know you have options, you very naturally take the better-feeling one. Trust yourself to do that without any self-condemnation or slog.

Okay, so back to our perusal of a distraction cycle. You don’t need comfort from anything in the world, but you often think you do. Let’s take an extreme example. Some people think they need yachts, but of course they don’t. All people seem to think they need food, when they actually do not. You don’t actually need anything at all. This is quite a provocative statement in light of what you perceive to be your scientific laws, in the light of your past, in the light of what you’re attached to right now. But let’s start there anyway. You don’t actually need anything.

But this world seems to be physical. That’s right. It seems to be physical, when it is only the outpicturing of thought, and that’s all it can ever be. That means nothing physical, no matter how powerful or awful it appears, can threaten the love of your creator, the love you are.

So looking at the distraction cycle, you can seem to be overtaken by the idea that you need something…

Very funny–I’m feeling really hungry right now.

So you could eat or not, right? And would it matter very much if you did not eat? Look at how this is all based on thought. All physical suffering is mental suffering first. It’s all based on thought. For now, you’re embodied. You’re going to be pulled into the perfect situations of relationship in order to allow, allow, allow. To allow all resistance to come up, to allow all resistance to melt away.

We are not saying that you should not eat. We are asking you to notice. Notice the thoughts you are having. Notice how they feel. Notice which ones feel contracted. Notice when you’re thinking you need something out there in the world to satisfy you now. Could be food. Could be a particular kind of behavior from someone. Notice the very idea of need. Notice how it feels.

That’s all. All the work is done in the noticing. If you think you need to demonstrate a lifestyle in which humans don’t need food, then there is struggle, effort and lack there. There is need. If you allow yourself to be drawn wherever love can work through you, you may show up as someone who doesn’t eat. You may show up as one who cheerfully imbibes down at the local tavern while conversing with your loved ones. (Loved ones = everyone on the planet, and more than that.)

Here the notion of assumption is very helpful. At the same time you look at the idea of need and question it, all your apparent needs are supplied easily. So you think you need to eat? There is probably some food in your house. So you think you need to fast for 40 days? Go right ahead. See if you do. You will feel easily drawn to whatever love wants to communicate or demonstrate through you.

When we are speaking of working with love in this way, we are talking about a co-creative opportunity. Operating in this way–making yourself open to what love would like to express through you now–feels infinitely better than dashing after an endless list of  things and experiences because you feel empty inside. Love itself is fulfilling. If you allow it to flow through you in every moment, that is fulfillment itself, and then it doesn’t matter what you are doing, but you are open to doing anything.

We would like to look at expectation for a moment. What would it be like to be free of expectation? Would you play a game for us and look at all the many forms of expectation you encounter during your day? Do you have expectations about how things should be and how things shouldn’t be? Do you have expectations for what you should accomplish? Do you have expectations about limits that you yourself are choosing to keep in place, such as expectations about aging or the availability of money to you? Are there any expectations about lack of ability? About failure? About suffering? About what you do and do not have access to in life?

Do you need these expectations? Do they need to take up room in your toolbox? What is directly underneath all your expectations that would allow you to let them all go?

Just questions. Just look at things

We have an announcement:
Expectations are bad! You must stop all expectations now, or else you yourself are bad!

You are already laughing, no? Who stops expectations? Does an ego stop them? Here’s what happens. You look at them. You really allow yourself to see them, to feel their impact. You slow down. You’re curious. You observe. We are always with you when you’re doing this.

Then what you don’t need evaporates. It swirls down the drain. The idea that you’re separate and unsupported, that you need a list of expectations to support what you are, doesn’t really mean anything anymore. You let go, because why not? You notice you’re twisted up like a pretzel, and it’s not very comfortable, so you simply stretch, sigh, relax and enjoy. That is all.

Expectations are simply something you hold between you and the sun, between you and the light and love you are, the light and love all others are. It’s a way of blocking impulses from Home because you are so afraid that you have done wrong and are banished from Home, so you try to make a structure of pseudo-comforts here in the physical, the realm you, as a separate self, appear to rule. Give up. You are forgiven, and you always have been, because you were never capable of doing wrong. You have always been capable of imagining and outpicturing anything at all, however.

Give up. Allow. Return. Do you have to do this? No, you want to. You want to because anything else doesn’t feel right, so you might as well go straight to the remedy. In the doing of it, you realize that you, as a separate entity, do nothing at all. As it has been said before, “My Father does all things through me.” All the true and real doing, we all do together, always in harmony. You can go off into a dream, off into imagination where you have made a world where separate ones can do right or wrong, but it can never be more than a dream.

Within this dream, you have a body. What is the body for? It’s for extending love, and that’s it. Do you have to try to extend love? If the idea of trying appeals to you, then go ahead. If it doesn’t, then simply look. Look at what is. Look at what appears to be, but isn’t. Feel. Listen. Open all the sensors in willingness to serve. Rest. Wait. Then act when action flows through you. Speak when words come to you.

There is only one purpose to everything on Earth. You’re here to remember what love its and to allow it to permeate and speak through everything to you. You’re here to remember who you are. Yes, you originally made the Earth experience in order to forget who you are, but your wise parent knew your desire to experience who you aren’t was temporary. You were given the ability to manufacture time in order to have a temporary and completely unreal experience. The love flowing through and supporting the choice for that type of experience has always been real, though.

Turn your attention to what is real today. Look at us, or look at a blade of grass or look at your beloved sisters and brothers, and see who you are today. Feel our shared joy as you look through the physical, feeling what is real. Today you shift your attention from all that isn’t to all that has always been, and it powers you, it moves you, it fulfills you.

Photo by Inga Gezalian on Unsplash

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