Paradise calling

Today, could you allow form to take any form at all? Is there anything to resist today? When you let go of your attempts to control form, what manages form? What, other than a false sense of small self trying to control, manages form?

You’re learning to do this–to allow form to be carried along by the love that you are. Think of yourself one  year from today saying, marveling, I never anticipated how X, Y and Z would change. It’s amazing! I had no idea! This is the path you are on, so take a moment to appreciate.

We draw your attention today to all the small and beautiful moments that occur. A smile. A laugh. A sudden inspiration. A feeling of ease. A feeling of accomplishment. A feeling of flow. A feeling of harmony. The beauty of the breeze on your skin. Don’t worry about all the other moments just now. Just look at those small and beautiful moments. And allow them to expand. They will fill up all the space you allocate to them. You get to decide.

When the good, the holy and the beautiful is extended, all that seems to not that–not the good, not the holy, not the beautiful–is out of your awareness. It means that in those moments you are not giving the illusion any of your power. That’s why those moments feel so good, so right.

You feel much better when you are creating–allowing the good, the holy and the beautiful to be extended through you–instead of making. When you are making, you are giving your power to the illusion of something other than love. When you are allowing creation to flow through you into the world, you are allowing the new. You are accustomed to making, which is replicating the old through effort and struggle.

However, you have always known the energy of creation. You simply confused it with one end of the illusory duality.  Now that you know what this energy is, you can set down the struggle, because creation happens through you without struggle.

When you want to power up the creation aspect of your experience and let go of the tendency toward making, simply stop. Take one breath. Take another. It really is as simple as that. Taking a moment to emerge from tension into the sweetness and simplicity of breath. Imagine if everyone on the planet powered up this way every time they felt tension. Two breaths in which to release all concepts and to allow creativity to do its work through you. Can you see how quickly everything aligns in harmony when harmony is allowed?

Feel the energy. On the one hand, there is clinging to the old. On the other, there is opening and welcoming and embracing the new, in joy. Which feels better? You truly get to choose, and it’s a simple choice.

Think of what attracts you–all manner of things or situations or actions that attract you. Don’t judge any of it. It is all innocent. Don’t compare yourself to any others. All of their attractions are innocent, too. Now, are you willing to be attracted to that which serves all? You are already attracted to that which serves all. Are you willing to allow that to expand into the entirety of your experience?

Take a moment to see if anything comes up. And breathe. And know that we are here, helping you. We are by your side as we promised to be, before you took the journey of this embodiment. You knew you would not be alone. We want very much to do this group project with you, and we are doing it now.

If it isn’t clear to you, the reader, this is your story. You are reading the story of what you agreed to allow into this world through this embodiment. So take a moment to appreciate every inch, every bump, every divot, every aspect of this body, this vehicle that allows the love we are to express itself in your world. It couldn’t be more perfect. Allow yourself to see all bodies that way. All are perfectly placed and perfectly formed for what can be extended through them right now.

We encourage you toward the simplicity of the breath whenever you feel tension or confusion of any kind. We encourage you toward the path of least resistance beyond all judgments. When you take those breaths, the path emerges in front of you. It becomes clear. Think of those breaths as your direct connection to us, and think of us lighting up the way for you, every moment of the day. Whenever you have a question, we are there.

Notice if there are moments during your day when you are attempting to act alone, to control things, to act in accordance with a judgment. Remember how you are always connected to Source energy, your concierge. Take a moment for those two breaths and allow your concierge to make a recommendation. Your concierge is here to serve you in every way, and by that we mean that we are all here to serve each other, honoring the great love we are.

Every time you remember your living, present connection to Source energy, you can see how you are extending the good, the holy and the beautiful right now. Just through the breath. Just through settling into relaxation. And then the inspiration comes. And then there is movement and action. Take those moments, those breaths, to guide that action, and you will feel how beautifully we work together.

As you feel this more and more, you can accept anything that appears in form because you know we are responding to it together. As you become accustomed to responding to everything in form together, you are seeing very deeply, and that means you can see the love and innocence alive in everything. When you see that, you can help others find it. When you see that, you are open to the ways others can help you sink even more deeply into it. You are giving and receiving gifts all the time.

We thank you for your willingness to work with us, and we ask that you open yourself to receive an image. What are we creating together? What Earth is it that we are creating? Take a few moments to sit with eyes closed. Tell us what you see.

I would love to know what you saw, readers! I saw a beautiful natural scene, much life and thriving. And then I saw people emerging from it. They were assured, happy, playful. They could change their surroundings just by thought, and there wasn’t any sense of anyone feeling threatened. They just played together. Anything they could imagine, they could do, but they knew this power comes from love, so they didn’t create anything based in conflict or the idea of damage. It wouldn’t even be possible in this setting. I really felt the absence of free, false will and the presence of actual, harmonious will.

This is called the sneak preview. You can do it at any time to call you forward into our co-creation.  We love you all, and we thank you for your energy and your focus.

Photo by Todd Torabi on Unsplash

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