Approaching the eye of the needle

Watch the thoughts passing through the pristine field of your awareness. Do they indicate that you are defective in some way, under some threat, better or worse than your fellows?  Are you going to believe those thoughts? The decision is always yours, in every moment.

You’re in the process of releasing all worry, releasing all perception of control  by a separate self. Notice that we said perception of control. You never had the control you thought you had, but you were and are able to project an illusion of it. It’s not really worth it anymore, is it?

What is much more obvious now is to cleave unto the power of this moment, which brings all good things. When you stay in that space, you don’t need to bring anything into that space. You can travel very lightly. Everything you need comes to you in the moment.

Are you willing to perceive the truth of yourself and all others today? What would that mean? How would that feel? How would you see people with your physical eyes? What would you notice about them? What would communicate from them to you? Just open up a bit to allow new possibilities in. You can set aside the old way of communicating and relating. What arises in its place? Are you curious enough to see that you will allow it into your experience?

The only reason you would block yourself from perceiving all others truly is that you are afraid. So each day, every day, you feel where you are afraid. You feel where you are blocking the pure and true energy of others, which is only the pure and true energy of the whole.

Why would one decide to experience an illusion of separation from God?  You did, and you intentionally sustain the experience, so ask yourself. It was an innocent desire, just innocent curiosity, and that’s all it has always been. You have never needed to be forgiven for innocent desire and exploration. However, within the structure of your illusion, you need to forgive yourself. Your illusion of duality is the only place where forgiveness is a refreshing balm, because it is the only place where need for refreshment could be experienced.

So you learn to forgive yourself. You go through the eye of the needle, which means you become aware of where you have abided at all times, which is in harmony with us. The eye of the needle only seems difficult because you have agreed to endless complexity and conflict, which is all of the illusion. If you make the simple agreement to release as much complexity and conflict as you can every day, you will see the approach of that eye. You will feel the simplicity of it. You will feel the joy of it. As you feel that joy, you can share it with others.

What will you decide today, in each moment? It is always up to you. It is always your decision. If you go to a moment when the complexity and heaviness definitely seemed to be of the world and not of you, each one of these moments is a tremendous opportunity. It’s a moment to say, “Yes, this is the world I am projecting. I take responsibility for it. I know I am loved and not to blame. I can feel the tension with which I am projecting this illusion. I release now. ” And so it is done.

It is our great joy to work with you thus. We thank you!

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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