Reunion with yourself

We are the eternal, talking to you who is…not? No, that would be silly, wouldn’t it? Of course you are the eternal. Life, Being, is eternal. It is You we address. We do not address the mask you hold up as separate identity. You can put it down now, by the way. You might be tired from holding it up so long. It’s really okay. You have nothing to hide from us!

We are you. We couldn’t not love you because we are what you are. Anything that you would hold up as a reason not to love, that’s simply what you’ve been holding up. You can put it down now. We know your arms are tired.

Anything you hold up as a reason not to love, we see right through it. We are inviting you to see through it, too. We invite you to give your arms a rest so they might be put to a better use–the extension of the love that you are. We ask you to be divinely selfish enough to accept this gift of happiness and relaxation that has always been yours. There is no need to hold yourself away from it. When you accept it, you are able to share it with others.

Forms. You seem to live in a world of forms, and you often mistake yourself and others for forms. What forms do you value? We invite you to keep this question open today, to allow yourself to notice when you are valuing a form. When you allow yourself to observe the simplicity of this–I am valuing a form now–the light you are is shining upon what you no longer need, and it is dissolving. What you no longer need is simply disappearing from your experience because you are allowing it, because you know it is for the highest good.

So what to value instead, if not a form? Be the value. Show up as the value. See the value shining out from within form. Ask to experience directly what underlies all form. Ask to be the conduit for that. Ask and it is given. Become distracted with something else, something other, something form-related, and it is allowed. All things are allowed until you choose otherwise. This is what time is for.

Sit. Just be for a moment. Notice any tensions you feel in and through the body. Breathe. Allow a relaxation to happen. Allow a sweetness to come. Allow a settling to happen. Feel. Can you see and feel the tremendous good that can be extended through form? When all form in your experience is turned over to the purpose of healing the attachment to illusion, you learn the lessons you need to learn every day. You find more and more opportunities to extend the love that you are, to bask in the love that you are, to see it shining through forms of all kind.

Are you willing to perform miracles?

Let’s just let that question sit there. What would come up to block that?

Are miracles are too big? Could somebody mess them up or misuse them? Who would do that? Allow the peeling away, the falling away of the sense of a separate self who would do such a thing. What arises in place of that is simple trust. Trust that all done through you, as you, is for the highest good.

If there is something you don’t trust, what is it?

What comes into that space? Is there anything real that you don’t trust? Looking at what you don’t trust, is there anything not illusory that you don’t trust? Feel the falling away of that. Feel the letting go.

What would you resist? We’re playing this back and forth, tug of war game to enable you to see and feel what is real and what is not. All the stirred up feelings are directed toward what is not real.

So are you willing to perform miracles?

Oh, so you can’t? You’re not strong enough? Who are you, exactly? Who is it who can’t? And your strength? Where does that come from?

Just look at each and every stop sign you are holding up. Feel them. Your arms might be tired. You can put them down.

What keeps you safe? Does holding up stop signs keep you safe? Feel the expenditure of energy of this stop-sign project. Would you like to allocate the energy elsewhere?

So will you perform miracles? Why not, right? Is there any reason why not?

Oh, yes. People may look at you. Is there any problem with people looking at you? Let’s go down into the ancestral memory here. You are remembering many times you were looked at and stoned, and worse. So let yourself feel that. And take responsibility.

You cannot claim the power of the miracle without the power of forgiveness and understanding. So let’s go to the time you were stoned by a crowd. How rude. This is your redo. All of the people in your life are the people in that crowd. Can you agree to see the beauty and the innocence in them every day? Way back then, you weren’t able to do that, and you experienced the transition called death in fear. You carried that fear into this incarnation with an instruction to yourself to stay safe.

Can you set that one down?

Where does your safety come from? Does it come from your efforts to hold the world away? Just feel. Just ask and feel. And breathe. There’s something coming up there to release. So just breathe. And release.

You are your safety, no? You are. Are you willing to feel that each and every day? Would that be so bad to be so self-contained and to see everyone else that way, too? So a nice breath to recognize that one. Sit in the recognition of it. Feel it.

Who would have the audacity to perform miracles? Who, indeed? Who is that full of himself that she would just…simply extend love and nothing else beyond all perceived limits? Is it arrogant to perform miracles?

When people are trying to bring us back to what they regard as a safe sense of smallness, they ask, “Just who do you think you are?” And that is a great question. Ask it, and answer it honestly.

Is the re any reason at all miracles shouldn’t come through you?

Once you get the hang of performing them, your friends and neighbors will, too. We promise you won’t stick out for very long. You like to share, and you will share this ability, too. Because why not? Who wouldn’t?

Let’s remember why we’re harping on the miracles. You are here to transcend all limits, all boundaries you set in place through fear. You are here to allow that energy through what you perceive to be you, and that is why your concept of just what is you is so rapidly changing. It is happening, and we are here soothing and massaging and talking you through this.

You are giving up what you don’t want because it is painful. It has always been painful, but you have hidden this from yourself. Sometimes when you realize how painful it has been to cling to limits, to cling to an illusion, to cling to smallness, to cling to fear, it shocks you. You cannot believe that a whole world is built upon this fear, but then you look back at what you have been believing. You look at it, and you are willing to let it go.

You are more willing to let the fear go when you know that what replaces it in your world and in your awareness is what has always been there. It is utterly stable and completely trustworthy. This is how faith grows.

You become aware that there is something to release through your willingness to feel it. Don’t judge or struggle when you find yourself confronting a new or quite intense layer of fear. You feel what it’s like to cling before you let go. It’s not a good feeling, so you swim toward the good feeling. You allow this process to complete without blaming others, yourself, or your world. This is how you change your world. You remove the disorder from it. You allow it to be removed through you. You allow your world and your experience to change.

Once you know what form is for, you allow love’s communication to come through it. What will you see in your brothers and sisters? When you are judging them, fearing them, or hoping for a particular response from them, you are not able to see them at all. This is called killing time. When you are killing time, you are not using time for any meaningful purpose at all.  Would it be possible to just enjoy them? Play with that. See what happens.

What is each successive situation for? You’re either clearing or basking. If you’re not basking in the love you are, flowing with it, it’s your opportunity for clearing. Clearing sounds like a lot of hard work, but remember that it is only allowing. It’s the simplest work there is, once you get the hang of it. It becomes your most important work. It becomes the work you’re willing to stop everything to do, no matter what else seems to be happening.

You seem to be in a world of form, and yet it is all the outpicturing of thought. Can you look at the form until you see and feel the love and light shining through it? Are you willing to drop whatever is blocking your ability to see and feel the light that unites all?

As you are willing to go deeper, you sense more of the darkness. You sense more of what is going on with other people, and it seems like a lot to handle. That’s when it’s time to stop for a moment. Who are you? Who is this handler of the darkness you sense in yourself, in others and in the world? It can’t be the ego. The ego can’t do anything but manufacture illusions. It must be the only other thing there is–that which has always stood behind the ego, waiting for you to notice it, waiting for you to notice your very own self in union with others. That’s what handles the darkness, and you come to trust it.

Allow this reunion with yourself, and discover the deep trust that is there for you. We are as you truly are, abiding in love always.

Photo by Nick Nice on Unsplash

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