Dissolving the energy of projection

There are many moments during your day when you feel tension or contraction arising. You can ask yourself, “What is not okay right now? What is unacceptable right now?” And then you get to see what you have made into your targets. You get to see what, other than you, you have held responsible for your uncomfortable feelings. You get to feel the tension that is projection itself. This tension is that which projects disorder out into your world, and you participate in it.

There is no accusation here. We’re showing you how the nuts and bolts work because now you are ready and capable of melting this tension. It is now time for you to share the energy of creation with the world and to dissolve the tense energy of projection. We call on you as our equals and our playmates to work on this group project and to enjoy the energy of creation together.

Noticing that you participate in the projection of disorder out into the world is so valuable and wonderful because it gives you the means to stop. As you stop, you introduce the energy of creation–the new–into illusion. You allow what is real into your world, and you allow illusion to swirl down the drain.

We invite you to take a look at how you react or respond to all of those bodies moving about in your world. Who are you seeing? Are you seeing our unified spirit expressed in differentiation , or are you seeing egos? Are you focused upon the spark of light within each one, or do you look more toward the tension they emanate as they project illusions in their worlds?

How do you treat the body you call your own? Do you see it as a means of achieving satisfaction of one sort or another? Do you see it as a means of remedying lack? Do you criticize it? Do you wish for it to be different? Do you find it inadequate? Do you find yourself wishing for changes?

Isn’t this interesting when you are the very power that transforms all things?

Everywhere you find fault, you’re looking at an aspect of your world and declaring that it is out of alignment with God. Give to yourself and every aspect of your world the kindness that you are seeking from everyone else. Your world is perfectly set up for healing, after all. It always is. It only requires your saying, “Yes, I turn all of this over for the purpose of healing.” That is all. When everything is turned over for the purpose of healing, then everything that happens should happen as part of the healing process, and it becomes very simple.

Do you find fault with the bodies of others, the actions of egos? When you put your attention on separation, you make it more real to yourself. You give that which has no reality weight and texture. You do this. You have that power, and you use that power in the service of an illusion. Good to know what you’re doing, right? Then you can stop. And you have many, many opportunities each day to learn how to stop, to bask in what is left when you stop the struggle of maintaining an illusion.

This is a con job, and you conned yourself. You made yourself believe that the unreal is real. Well done! Laughter is appropriate at any stage on this journey. When you laugh, you reclaim your power in lightheartedness, with no trace of regret or blame. When you laugh, you guide yourself into the Now, where all true power is, where there is no judgment, no blame.

Where are you not conning yourself? Wherever you feel happy, expansive and joyful. There is where you are in touch with reality. Allow that to expand and be daring enough to simply allow the unreal to fade away.

Where you find fault, you are in contraction. Where you find fault, you are requesting a repetition of the old, and you are requesting the experience of deficiency, lack and conflict. Wherever you find fault, you are saying there is something that is not encompassed by the energy of God, and you undermine your own power source.

The good news is that all is well. All that truly is truly is well. That is the way it has always been, and you have always abided with us in this place of balance and joy. What about everything in your world that looks like conflict and disorder? That’s why you’re here. You’re here to “fix everything,” but by that we mean only that you allow what is to show up in the physical. You allow love without opposition to come into your experience, and then you share it with others

As we always say, this is very simple, and we are delighted to help you see this. Work with us in simplicity, with every breath, during your day. Keep your focus here, and work becomes flow. You become devoted to the flow of love into your world in the particular way that is most appropriate for you, and you find that there is no greater feeling than this. We love to bask with you in this space, so join us often.  How about all of the time?

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

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