A collaboration with Jim Rajan

Hello, readers! I'm pleased to share a guided meditation created in collaboration with the beautiful music and sound engineering of Jim Rajan. You can find Jim on Patreon, Insight Timer, and YouTube. I truly appreciate the ease and inspiration of working with Jim--so glad that he reached out and suggested that we collaborate! Jim's music … Continue reading A collaboration with Jim Rajan

So much good news!

This is just-Julie (and the imaginary friends are laughing at the impossibility of such a thing when I say that), but I just wanted to share that there are so many messages coming through, and the news is so wonderful! I will share as time allows, but in general it's a sense of vast healing … Continue reading So much good news!

Everyone a superhero

We are awakening to the power of love and how simple it is to allow it. We are always either pushing other minds deeper into the illusion or inviting them into the sunlight of reality. As we invite those minds into the sunlight of reality by seeing who they are, they heal. As we participate … Continue reading Everyone a superhero

Dissolving the energy of projection

There are many moments during your day when you feel tension or contraction arising. You can ask yourself, "What is not okay right now? What is unacceptable right now?" And then you get to see what you have made into your targets. You get to see what, other than you, you have held responsible for … Continue reading Dissolving the energy of projection

Inevitable expansion

The five-sense world seems very real. That doesn't mean that it is very real. It's powered by reality because you are choosing to obscure reality, and your choice is always supported.  The fact that you are choosing to obscure reality does not make anything your fault. It only makes you completely responsible. That only means that … Continue reading Inevitable expansion


You are here to realize the extent to which this experience is both chosen and illusory, and you are here to share that realization. Think of yourselves here on Earth as flower buds. You are here to bloom, and to share that blooming with all across the planet. It is already done. The petals are … Continue reading Bloom

Seeing through the disguises to ever-present light

The very simple truth of us is that we are all innocent beings, because innocence is all there truly is. Allow that to sink in. Anything that appears contrary to that is a signal about the perception your are choosing. This now moment is always for the purpose of allowing correction of perception wherever conflict … Continue reading Seeing through the disguises to ever-present light

Traveling together through time, beyond time

You are accustomed to a set of perception, a mode of perception. These perceptions are intertwined with a host of thoughts believed, and many of these thoughts are lies. They make perfect logical sense in the world of the separate self, but they are still lies. You know they are lies by how they feel. … Continue reading Traveling together through time, beyond time