I will allow it

This experience is projected from mind. Think about that for a moment. This experience is projected from mind. It isn’t real. You know what’s real now, though. You can feel what’s real. You are here to bring what’s real into prominence within this illusion.

Can you do it? Why, yes you can. Before you gave yourself the experience of this body, you were sure you could do it, because it is only a matter of allowing what already is, and  allowing what already is is a very simple thing. Say “I can’t” is only another way of saying “I won’t allow it.” There’s really no point in saying it anymore, but if you find yourself doing it, simply return to us. Doubt is part of the illusion. You’re here to simply to bring what is into experience.

When you catch yourself in the midst of doubt, uncertainty, indecision, it doesn’t feel good, and that’s an understatement. You’re here to see through the distractions, and all thoughts of such nature are merely distractors. See them for what they are. They cannot harm you.

When there is a flurry of thoughts with a thread of fear through them, ask yourself, “What am I trying to keep in place?” This is the glorious time when you release the illusion and allow what is in. It’s also really scary, because you’re getting down to the bottom of the bucket of fears now. From our perspective this is a really juicy time. You’re truly getting to the heart of it, and we are confident because we know you as our divine sibling, and we know how devoted we all are to our group project. The outcome has always been guaranteed. The time factor has always been up to you.

In these juicy times, if you weep, you can look at it like this: I am weeping the fear matrix out of us. I am taking my hands off the illusion. I am releasing into love. The same if you laugh. So let go, weep, laugh, allow the heart to open, bask in the joy when you reach it, and take the ride. You came here for this ride, and you are fully supported and loved as you experience it. If we can give you a sense to carry with you today, it’s cared for. Cared for. Cared for. You are cared for today. You are lovingly enfolded in our arms, always.

You are here to recall that you are the peace of stillness and the exuberance of joy. As you recall this, as you feel this, you exude stillness and the unending creativity that you are. You come to represent both peace and life to others. From stillness comes great life and great movement. You are here to share that. What an incredible gift to accept for yourself and to offer to others.

You know when you just know what to do and everything flows? Let’s have more of that. Why? Because you ask and it is given. Because you are worthy. Because you have always been worthy. Because you and all others have always been worthy. Let’s have less thinking. Why? Because ego thoughts are not believable and don’t need to take up your time. Time is for healing and sharing now. Yes, lovingly encompassing ego thoughts is part of healing, but their intensity is also subsiding. They don’t need to take up so much clock time. That is for inspiration now. That is for the effortless expression of the shared self.

Why? Because you are worthy. Because all others are worthy. It is that simple.

Nothing happens that can harm anyone…and we’ll just stop that there. From the perspective of reality, even though you engage in wild beliefs and put on great dramas in your world, nothing happens here that can harm anyone. The true self can never be harmed. Now let’s jump into the illusion. Within the perspective of duality that belongs to the illusion, nothing happens that can harm anyone when you allow the separate-self-defining monologues to leave your head. You ask, and it is given. You see that you are worthy. You see that all others are worthy, and a shift occurs. It is that simple.

All the support teams are thrilled to share this vibration of great joy with each of you, as each of you awakens to our always-there presence. Take a breath, call us, and we are there. It is our very great honor to walk with you. to shine with you.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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