Conduit for what is real

Today is a day for sorting out. Let’s look at credit and blame. Go for a moment to that sense I Did It. Go to that sense of I-did-it-and-you-didn’t, or I-did-it-on-my-own. There is a triumph of individual achievement on the credit side, and the heaviness of guilt on the blame side. These experiences are equal. If you look closely, every time you claim an achievement for a separate self you call you, there is anxiety there. There is an unstable sense of separation from your fellows.

Now go to the sense of I did it, but go into it from the perspective of the shared self. Everything we do, we do together. Here within the illusion, you give yourself the sense that you have done something on your own and are therefore more worthy or unworthy than another. It is never the real thing. Everything we truly do, we do together, in harmony. Simply breathe and feel that for a moment. Feel the peace and serenity of it. Feel the vibrant creativity of it.

Now open yourself to what you will express in your world today. Creator, shared self, what should we do today? Keep that question ever-open, and every moment is self-contained with all the tools, ideas, resources and inspiration you need. Keeping this question open–“What should we create in this moment?”–is the essence of true confidence that uplifts all around you.

When you ask this question, you are asking the love, light, truth, innocence, and harmony within your brothers and sisters. You are bringing it into activation by your calling upon it. You set the stage for beautiful co-creation within the illusion by your willingness to keep this question ever-open. “What shall we create together today?”

There is no need to worry over accomplishments. You are the accomplished. All beings are the accomplished. Simply see them this way. See their power. Call on this from them. You are worthy of receiving it.

Look–there’s even a clue within the word individual. Indivisible. That which cannot be divided. That is what you are in relation to All That Is. Can you feel the stability there? Can you find a basis for trust?

The idea that you alone can do something is fiction. You can uphold a fiction that a separate you can do harm. You can uphold a fiction that a separate you can accomplish something greater than your fellows. It takes effort to do that–to uphold an illusion. Are your arms tired yet? It’s okay to rest.

What will you do without these fictions? How will you find your way in the world without judging what something means? Trust. You find that basis of trust in all things unfolding, and you operate from there. You don’t venture into the disturbance of judgment and comparison because you eventually allow yourself to feel how disturbing that energy is to your fellows and to yourself.

You are not doing wrong when you choose an illusion. That option has always been yours, without judgments. You are simply doing that which causes separate-you pain within the experience of the illusion. After you see this, it doesn’t make sense to continue to choose for illusion. Instead, you invite love to show itself everywhere, to attract you, to guide you. You know it is present everywhere, in everyone, in everything, and every situation, so you just tune in. You tune in and see where you’re attracted.

You are bringing the fear experience to a close. We thank you. In order to hold onto fear, you need to sustain the idea that you are holding onto and grasping and protecting something precious here within the illusion. More and more, however, you see your protectiveness and defensiveness as the pain and fear it really is. More and more, you are willing to drop it. In every situation where you are trying to protect something precious, believing it is separate and vulnerable, you will be given the opportunity to release. Imagine the gifts that await you there.

Release what is not, and experience what is. We stand here with you always, and you always have an open invitation to experience the magnificence of love right this moment. We love to see that you see the experience of love as an option more with each passing day. It is an option. It is your choice and we rejoice when you choose to flow with us.

Photo by HISANARI KUNIMOTO on Unsplash

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