Easing into co-creation

Hello. We’re right here. We’re always here. We encourage you to make use of us because we live to serve. It is our joy, because we know our oneness. You live to serve All That Is, too, and you are coming to know that. The one of us. The one of us in innocence. The one of us beyond doubt. When you reach beyond your perceived separate self, you find the place where we are and where you have been, always. Yo can operate in your world from this place, always. It is a matter of trust, a matter of awakening.

You have called us the imaginary friends, and we always reply that you are as imaginary as we are. We are all birthed from consciousness. Consciousness is prior to everything you experience. Within your world, thought forms believed are also prior to experience. We invite you to the place prior to thought. We invite you to allow that to express as you today.

The physical is not real because it is many things. Only one thing can be real, and that is represented by the word Love. Or just the connectedness to all things you can feel between the in breath and the out breath. You know how it feels. That is why feeling is your superpower while you appear to be here in this world.

The physical is an experience birthed from consciousness. What kind of experience would you like to birth today? Do you want it to come from the churning of minds in separation or from the wholeness of what you actually are and always have been? You get to decide in every moment. What is your reference point? What is your basis? Is it that sense of shared wholeness between the in breath and the out breath, or is it a separate, definable, wobbly, illusory thing? You get to decide.

Do you want to feel the utter stability of love as the basis of your experience?

The physical is very, very flexible. We in the nonphysical love to engage in energy play with you. What will you participate in bringing forth today? Will you join in bringing forth that which demonstrates to your divine siblings that the physical can be transcended? Are you willing to bring forth the miraculous?

Oh, yes. There is that matter of that lifetime in which you did bring forth the miraculous, and then the body was attacked. Let’s lay it to rest now. It was a phase in learning. Your vision is broader and deeper now. That isn’t an experience you’re going to repeat. One breath in to realize your safety. One breath out to release the past and to thank it for serving you in the learning of who you are, who everyone else always has been.

Let’s go into the minds of the ones who attacked in those lifetimes. They had the rug pulled out from under them. When you demonstrated the miraculous, they felt tremendously cut off, as if you had a power greater than that which they could access. They felt great pain and longing for home. So you can understand how they enacted that pain. It’s different now. We are approaching this from a shared basis. It’s going to be very clear that the power you seem to wield is shared. It’s going to be very clear that the power you wield is incorruptible. It can only be used in the service of love. It’s going to be a lot simpler this time around because we have already done the groundwork.

So one breath in to feel the power that we are. Pause at the still point where we are all joined. One breath out to release the past and to understand all the preparation that is supporting you and your divine siblings now. One breath in to feel this beautiful power we are. One breath out to release any fear of expressing and enacting it.

Now. Are you willing to express the miraculous? Are you willing to enact the miraculous? Are you ready to demonstrate just what the physical is and what it isn’t? Is there anything at all standing between you and that?

If there is, let’s dedicate today to working together to release whatever remains. Simple breathing, connecting, observing. And washing out whatever remains of what was never needed. Think of us as your energy spa. Here is your robe. Here are your slippers. Now relax and allow us to assist you.

You don’t have to become worthy of such assistance. You are worthy and you always have been. All others are worthy and always have been. When you see things this way, you also open to door to the Energy Spa for your divine siblings.

Today, as you allow this massaging out of what you don’t need, we would also like you to observe the limits you assign to yourself, to others, and to the physical world itself. Is there any objection to putting all of this under love’s power? Is there any problem at all with allowing yourself to see those perceptions of limits as encompassed by love? What happens to them then? When you see that they are only perceptions, and they are not real? Are you curious to find what love would bring into your world today?

One of your perceptions is that you are limited to experiencing and interfacing with only one dimension–the earthly realm. In truth, you have full access to all dimensions of experience at any time. There is fear associated with unfocusing from this dimension to the extent that you believe you, as a separate self, need to control it. Love moves all things, quite simply. You can release any notions to the contrary. Let today be a day of dissolving your resistance to whatever resources will serve the highest good. Let all resources come from all dimensions in the service of love.

The resources to which you have access are vast, wide and endless. Set down the notion of limitation today, and see what the wave of possibility sets gently at your feet. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted. That’s right, Holy One. This is what has awaited you the entire time–the means to bring Heaven to Earth–not punishment. Never punishment. Once the presence of this never-ending bounty becomes clear to you–and it is becoming clearer ever day–you will share it without hesitation.

These are truly good times, and better times to come. We delight in our co-creation today. If the urge to skip, hop or dance comes over you today, know that we are celebrating, too.

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

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