So much good news!

This is just-Julie (and the imaginary friends are laughing at the impossibility of such a thing when I say that), but I just wanted to share that there are so many messages coming through, and the news is so wonderful!

I will share as time allows, but in general it’s a sense of vast healing and bursting upward into clarity. If you’re in the thick of your healing process right now, just know that all is as it should be. We all go through intense and dense periods of healing, and when they are so deep, it means we’re gearing up for deep release.

For a while, I’ve been getting suggestions to step up one-on-one work, so you will see some changes to the site to reflect that. It’s very important to me that anyone who wants a session is able to have one, so I’m providing a low-cost and free option for every type of session I offer. I will be adding different types of sessions as time allows.

They are correcting me. The cheek! I will be adding different types of sessions as I allow time to serve the highest good through me.

In the meantime, you can make an appointment here:

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

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