Time is a story believed

We would like to draw your attention to one of our siblings who always walks with you, who is always available to you. This is the resonance of Yeshua, better known to many as Jesus. As a man, he surrendered his separation consciousness in quite spectacular fashion, and he is always available to assist you in doing the same. He would like you to know, however, that you do not have to surrender your separation consciousness in spectacular fashion. That has already been done. You are here to surrender your sense of separation while still embodied, and you are, in fact, in the process of doing this.

Yeshua is loving and very, very playful. He knows the value of laughter. In that spirit, we would like to give you an image of how he is there for you. You know how in comedy a truth-teller will convey a message through a sneeze or a cough, saying the words but covering it up? It’s usually a negative message, like, “Liar!” Yeshua is right next to you, saying, “You are worthy!” He is saying, “So is the other guy!” Allow him to send these playful bursts of wisdom when you start to attach to stories.

We are all here to remind you of who you are. Time does not limit us. You are the one giving yourself the experience of time. Let us go into the matter of time with you.

Time is a concept. It feels very real for you, and your shared belief in it is very strong, but it is still a concept. It is a chosen experience overlaid on what actually is. We want to remind you of this so you remember to be flexible about perception, so you’re willing to allow the extraordinary. Are you willing to be the conduit for that which transcends time?

Do you give time more power than love? We invite you to be curious. We invite you to notice. We invite you to look at this today.

The world you experience today is the outpicturing of thoughts. So what are your thoughts about time? Listen. Notice. Do you make a god of time? We invite you into a flexibility beyond a perception of a fixed and powerful law. Are you willing to be the conduit for that which transcends time? Is there anything–any thinking–standing in the way of that?

Is who you truly are subject to time? Time is a hiding place you made to be ruled by something other than your creator. When you made separation consciousness, you were  experimenting in innocence. You were playing. You used time to hide from the horror of what you believed you had done. Just for a second, you believed you had done wrong–a first thought of wrongdoing–and then from that anguish you made space and time and limits to hide within.

We are not asking you to give up your world. We are asking you to stop hiding within it, pretending you are subject to the limits you are choosing. We are asking instead that you allow yourself to become a conduit for the limitless. This is not a sales job. We are helping you to understand the experience you are bringing to yourself–the opportunity to rejoin all of creation as our equal in innocence, our equal in power.

Who are you? Always good to take a moment of your time to sit, breathe, and ask that question.

Who you are, who we are, encompasses time. Are you ready to turn time over to the purpose of healing, in recognition that time has always been encompassed by love? Are you willing to allow the two to meet and merge in your perception?

I am more powerful than time. I is we–our shared and harmonic selfhood, our union as creator and all created aspects. Time is but another aspect and as such is held in love, infused with love, with a sense of all being connected.

Are you willing to allow each moment of time to reveal love and our connectedness to you? It’s always up to you.

Today, if you catch yourself feeling subject to time, feeling caught up by time, remind yourself of this: I choose to use this moment to reveal the presence of love to me. I choose to use this moment to receive the truth about the nature of time.

We are with you, and we will help to arrange situations and events so you can move swiftly into recognition and understanding. We can always help, so call upon us often. It is our great joy to serve in this role as you allow us to do so, as you remember the truth of limitlessness.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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