Welcome to the head of the pin

Think of one location–let’s call it the head of a pin. This is actually the where of where everything is. All those other locations? You give yourself the experience of this. We  want you to experience how equally wondrous a meadow and mini-mart are. You give yourself the experience of both. Take a moment to appreciate what is possible with the mind. We invite you, throughout the day, to catch yourself in a moment and to say, “I am giving myself the experience of this.” Own your power. Accept your responsibility–your ability to flow and respond to anything at all because you called the experience of it to yourself.

If you called it to yourself, there is no need to judge it. If you judge it, you act as if you have not called the experience to yourself. You see? Yes, you do see. That is what you are here to do–to see truly.

You are here to receive Truth and to allow that truth to reflect back to you in the form of your world. What is a moment of receiving Truth? It is a moment of pure Being, without any story. You experience a number of these moments each day. We’re just expanding and connecting all of those moments. They tend to squeeze the pain and the fear out of your experience. Notice how pain and fear are coming up? If you see them as being squeezed out of your day, you won’t fret when you experience them. You will allow.

Is it necessary that you experience pain and fear? No, not at all. But on the journey to recognizing that it is not necessary for anyone at all to experience pain and fear, you may call experiences of pain and fear to yourself. Fear not. It’s all in the service of healing. You will begin to understand what you do, what your power is, and you will allow the flow of All That Is, as you.

Your opportunity today, and all days, is to approach every other being, in thought and in the physical, purely from the Now, without a story. Inspiration can come to you and through you in this state, and inspiration can be shared with your divine siblings in this state. Inspiration is information that is very easy to act upon, very easy to share.

Right now, you have access to all power. It is only perception and belief that would tell you otherwise. Right now, all power is equally shared. It is only perception and belief that would tell you otherwise. All true power is benign and shared. Any power that appears otherwise is illusion. It is only perception and belief that would tell you otherwise. Are you going to continue to believe that which is fundamentally untrue? It’s always optional.

We invite you to observe today where you prefer false or unstable power. You’ll know where this active because of your feelings. Pay attention. In those very moments, true power is available to you. Breathe. Pause, if possible. Come back to yourself. Exit the story of disempowerment. Breathe. Allow tension to leave the body. Come back to reality.

As you remember to stop, to breathe, to pause, to come back to yourself, you can also delight in watching your preference for false power dissolve. You can delight in watching what arises to replace it. Inspiration, stability, love, empowerment, peace. It’s there. It’s always there. It’s life itself.

When you are tuned into the very simple and always-available frequency of life itself, you observe our complete equality. When you observe our complete equality, your complete equality with all others, it is the basis for seeing your empowerment clearly, seeing the empowerment of others clearly. What you can see, you call into experience. This is called transformation.

You and all others have total access to divine power right now. It is not possible to use divine power to harm another. It is possible to use divine power as the cushion that allows you to make and share and believe and experience frightening illusions. You are all amazing magicians and you don’t even know it. Look at how you convince each other with illusions all the time. Marvel. Give yourselves a round of applause! And then return to what you came here to do.

It is time to come back to truth now. It is time to share truth now. It is time to see clearly. It is time to allow transformation. Are you willing to be a conduit for the divine? You are the divine, so you might as well be a conduit for it, right? That’s straightforward. That’s why we tell you that this return to yourself, this return to seeing all others as they truly are, is very, very simple.

We walk with you in simplicity today. We stand here always, very simply offering the perspective of peace wherever you go, whatever is happening. We are here to help you see, and we are so very pleased that you are accepting our assistance.

Photo by Panuson Norkaew on Unsplash

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