Here is the key

Imagine that you are living life within a box. You say you want to leave the box, but the lock is on the inside and you are the only one with the key. Today we show you that key. We work with you so you can see it in the palm of your hand. The box is limited and separate identity, and the world you project out from that. The key is the awareness that all of us are joined, and that the world is, indeed, your projection.

Every day, you dip into the well of love that you are, and, using this raw material, you participate in the manufacturing of competing and conflicting illusions within your world.  You can step off the merry-go-round. You can stop projecting conflict and, instead, see through the surface of everything to the force of love that animates it. As you see this, you invite love to expand into and throughout your world. It’s no small thing.

Here’s the key to remembering that you always hold the key: Whatever disturbance you experience during your day, it’s because you wanted separate identity more than peace. Over time, it seems, it becomes clear to you that you want peace more than any other thing. Over time, it also seems that you learn to drop habitual reactions to the world you are projecting, to the illusions you are making. You are the one who allows them to drop away. You are the one to allows yourself to see that love is and always has been the only Reality. You are the one who allows your world to transform itself into a reflection of this Truth.

Peace is like death to the ego. What is there to resist? What is there to push against? What is left to fight? What is left to fear? Without all that, there is only the harmony of differentiation, and that is where you are headed. Without all the resistance, there is still the expansiveness of creativity, the connectedness of love, the dance of joy. There is nothing to fear in the release of resistance.

Remember this, and remember it often: The only thing there is, is love. And the only thing it is possible to fear is love itself. Love moving and working through you. Allowing that love to be expressed through others, in all situations. This is the only thing you are ever truly resisting.

Love allows all things. You chose to have an experience of ego, and you can continue as long as you wish. When you remember that you are love, and not what ego tells you that you are, then love can use the ego very lightly. Allow what you are to employ the ego in service to all. When you serve all, you serve your Self. In the service of love, ego provides you with a name, an address, a means of connecting in a five-sense world. Ego becomes merely a vehicle for the expression of love.

Do you see the key in your palm? In your world, you experience successive events. They appear to be attached to a past. You can judge these experiences, these events. It is optional. You can also remain unswayed, rooted in your true power, aware of your choice, inhabiting the now. From this space, you are able to see all others as equally empowered, equally able to choose love over separate identity in this now moment.

This ability to show up very simply in the now moment–it’s something all of you can activate within each other through a smile, through listening, through appreciation, through basking–through the simplest things in the world. It was always meant to be simple, and we invite you into this space of ease today.

Photo by Cédric Klei on Unsplash

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