You’ve never done anything wrong

Notice for a moment the desire to control something. Go into that vibration for a moment. Who wants to control? Who is that entity that believes it lacks control, that believes it is in a state of want?

You can see yourself through the lens of that separate entity that thinks it lacks. You can see others though the lens of that separate entity that thinks they are in lack. It is an option.

Feel into that separate self that thinks it lacks, that wants to control. If you are that self, and if you want to be in control of things, but you secretly hate your separate self, there will be some disturbance in your experience. Go slowly with this. Show up as your little self. Do you hate anything at all? Do you experience any moments of profound resistance during your day? Do you ever build up a case of hostility against someone or something and begin to hate?

There’s your mirror. If you didn’t know that separate selves are hateful, there you go. The indicator that the separate self hates, hates itself, is in the fact that it spends time hating and pushing away other aspects of the separate self. Do you hear how we’re talking about the separate self as something that is experienced by you separately, but only as one thing? It is only one thing. It’s the ego. It’s one thing, and the fairytale of ego has a happy ending. Shall we tell you?

The one shared and harmonic self of love gave itself the experience of something unlike itself, but it’s not possible for it to actually be unlike itself. The self of us was whole, intact and pure the whole time you’ve been giving yourselves this ego experience. Now, you’re waking up to what you chose. As you wake up to what you chose, you come back into the awareness of our natural and shared self, expressed in beautiful differentiation, while still embodied. This is what is happening in you right now.

You’re remembering that before you chose ego, there wasn’t any reason to fear, and there still isn’t any reason to fear. There never has been any reason to fear. This is pretty big, considering the world you’re currently projecting. But as you remember, you stop projecting that world. You allow a much friendlier and safer one to emerge out of your remembrance.

Now go for a moment to the feeling of being cut off, alone, separate, and vulnerable. When you experience this state in any form, it’s because you prefer it. We know this is very provocative, but we’re putting you in touch with your power. It’s always been in your hands–only a matter of perception–and it’s in your hands now. You are not now, nor have you ever been, victim to anyone or anything. You may have participated in enactments of aggression and victimhood within duality, but you have never been a victim. This is an important distinction.

Why would you prefer the experience of feeling cut off from safety and stability? You’re afraid that you’re in trouble. Again, we need to go slowly with this one to unpick it. Why would you choose a fearful outlook? You, as love, can only have the experience of fear if you choose it. Why would you, a powerful and pure being of light, choose it?

First of all, you, as your human aspect, may not realize that you’re afraid you’re in trouble with Mom, in a universal sense. You’re probably very familiar, however, with the fear of something going wrong. That’s the fear of being in trouble with Mom.

To enlighten you about your inevitable enlightenment, allow us to use a well-known Brady Bunch episode: “Mom always says don’t play ball in the house.”

Mom never told you not to play ball in the house. In fact, Mom allows all things. You, as a beautifully differentiated aspect of All That Is (Mom’s more formal name), have always had free will. You were left free to believe that you had done something very, very wrong when you never did. You were also left free to return to remembrance of yourself simply by your own choice.

So let’s say you’re on Earth, and you break a vase. You’re not going to get in trouble. You only going to get in trouble here on Earth because you give yourself the experience of that. You wanted to have an experience of something opposite to what you were, so you invented this playground of opposites, duality, and getting into trouble, being punished. You had to have illusion to give yourself all of those experiences, and that’s all getting into trouble is. It’s an illusion that you chose.

When you stop being so afraid of what you think you did and never did, you will allow yourself to relax fully into who you truly are. You will allow all others to show up as who they truly are, too. You will allow the world to reflect the reality of love back to you. It doesn’t need to reflect the illusion of strife back to you when you recognize that strife has been an illusion of your choice.

Recognizing your own choice is an important component of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an important component of allowing the world to be as it is in this moment. Allowing the world to be as it is in this moment is an important component of allowing the world to transform. Allowing the world to be as it is does not mean that you are inactive. On the contrary, it opens you up to inspiration. Allowing the world to be as it is right now without any resistance signifies your willingness to set judgment down and allow yourself to feel the inspiration of your true identity. When you respond to the world through inspiration and with great love, you are an agent of transformation.

If you perceive upheaval, you are preferring upheaval to peace. Why is this? Why on earth (quite literally) would you prefer upheaval to peace? Because you forgot you had a choice. You thought peace was something opposite to upheaval, and you thought you had to struggle for it. Therefore, you only allowed yourself the illusory experience of a peace that could be destroyed. Now you’re seeing that the peace you are has encompassed the illusion of duality–the illusion of a peace that could be opposed–for all time. There’s a stability there that you’re recognizing, and you’re returning to the awareness of it, the sense of it, the feeling of it, more and more often because you know it’s there to return to. Eventually, you’ll stop leaving it. Why? Because it will be very clear. It will be obvious.

When you begin to realize that the world is only a reflection of your perception, so there is nothing to hide, no need to struggle, and nothing to protect, everything changes. Everything seems to change because you stay still and allow it to. You aren’t scampering about within an illusion of your own making believing that it has you helplessly in your grip anymore. You stay still. And you allow.

During this day, we invite you to observe an instance of finding things wrong with selves–yours or theirs. When you busy yourself with identifying defects of separate selves, it puts a fictional and separate you in charge of deciding who people are, deciding what needs to be protected, promoted or hidden, fixing defects through shaming or pressuring self or others. This perspective leaves the separate sense of control intact.

There is another way. What is the other way? What lies beneath this tendency? Allow this to be a day of discovery. Be curious. See egoic thought, and then invite what has been beneath it all along to come into focus. Once you know you need not believe egoic thought, you have ample time for this sort of curiosity. Indeed, that is the only function of time now–to allow you to see through illusion to Reality so you can allow Reality’s reflection to appear in your world.

We celebrate your curiosity, and we aid you energetically whenever you allow it. Remember our presence and request our help often. You are always worthy of it, and it is our great joy to assist you.

Photo by James Cousins on Unsplash

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