Common sense

There is nothing outside of you.

You encompass all that is, all phenomenality, all time, all space. You, where you meet everyone else–you as our shared and harmonic self of love, are what encompasses everything. This means it is not actually possible for you to be in opposition to anything because you have always been vitally and peacefully connected to All That Is. You can, however, choose the experience of something that appears opposite to that.

Get used to seeing yourself as grand. This is not egoic, as all others are equally grand. It is common sense in the truest sense. If you follow our commonality down, down past the apparently separate extensions of our differentiated selves, down to our common Self–if you sense that, and if you keep this sense alive always, that is common sense. This is the most practical thing you can do.

Watch to see what negative perceptions arise during your day. You are responsible for those. In the moments that you experience negative perceptions, it is tempting to blame some other for the discomfort of the perception–a person, a condition, or even yourself. When you are blaming yourself, you are setting yourself up as the other. Have you noticed that? How can you be other than yourself?

The truth is that none–not one–is other than yourself. When you experience this temptation to blame someone or something other, better set the other down altogether, since it is not the truth. Time instead to take responsibility. You, as love, have chosen separation perception, and it doesn’t feel good. Joy or unity perception always feels good. Are you willing to have your perception corrected? It only takes your willingness, and we are always here to assist you.

Let us now talk of perception and time. Separation-perception is a choice, and time is a facet of separation-perception. Time is an other–another thing that you can see a separate self as subject to. The truth, however, is that you are subject to nothing. Only in illusion could you be subject to anything, believing there are things separate from and in opposition to yourself.

Within the construct of time, watch perception and experience. You cling to particular perceptions, from the broadest to the most narrow. And then later in time your small-r reality reflects these perceptions back to you. That is all that has ever happened here–perception choice and perception reflection, in groupings of overlapping experiences.

This means that whatever experience you are having right now–it comes from the past. The past is over. As long as you agree to have your perception corrected now, what is happening currently in your life has no negative significance. It cannot limit or hurt you. Perception correction is always available to you, and we are always ready to assist you with it. When you find yourself judging your current experience, simply stop for a moment. Acknowledge our presence–your energetic team, the ones who never leave you. Ask for assistance in seeing things as they truly are. When you make correct perception your highest priority, the world shifts to reflect that. It can be no other way.

When you want nothing but accurate perception, you allow truth to flow out from you into the illusion, and then you allow the illusion to transform. What does it transform into? A perfect reflection of yourself and all others–peace, love, joy, beauty, creativity, freedom and expansion.

We are so happy to join you on this exhilarating ride as you learn to see yourself, as you are, and as you have always been, in the world you experience every day.

Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Common sense

  1. ‘When you experience this temptation to blame someone or something other, better set the other down altogether, since it is not the truth. Time instead to take responsibility.’ A vital step in sovereignty and empowerment. 😊❤️

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