Self encompasses all

Here is a lens for today. When you hear or experience the energetic impact of your thoughts (and that’s all you can ever experience), what do you see? Are those thoughts small-self-serving (meaning attempting to elevate or drag down any separate self, thing, quality or experience–yours or another’s) or are they Self-serving? Do they serve us all by acknowledging the truth of our expansion?

If you hear or experience the impact of small-self-serving thoughts, fear not. You are the invulnerable awareness looking upon them. There is no need to step back into the separate-self experience by judging or fretting or comparing what seems to be one person’s experience to another’s. You can just stay here. Now. Quite simply. If you remember and remember and remember and remember to stop–just stop–when you hear that reactive self arising, you don’t need to attach to it. You don’t need to act from it. You can use time to settle, become still, and allow your action to arise from the truth of yourSelf.

Eventually it won’t be a succession of rememberings. It will just be the simplicity of being. But while you’re still feeling the alarm bells go off as you attach to that separate self out of habit, you simply stop. Reset. It’s very simple, and you don’t have to understand anything to do it. You simply stop listening to the commentary of that separate self. You breathe. You wait. You feel. And then You arise and enact inspiration.

You are always giving and receiving.  Looking at it from the perspective of separation, there is always energy emanating from the  body, and you are having thoughts about all kinds of things, sending your energy to those places. So your energy is around the body, but it is also “wherever” you are thinking. The same is true of everyone else’s energy, so there are overlaps everywhere.

What are you giving? What are you receiving? It is possible to give and receive only the truth–only love. There’s no need to fret about what right-now looks or feels like. Just sit in the knowledge that it is possible. Feel the draw of your desire and how life serves you in your journey of the remembrance of yourself.

Now view this landscape of apparently separate selves, apparently separate energies, from the Wholeness of you, knowing that all is well. Any perspective of separation and conflict is serving you on your journey Home together, so there is no need to judge any of it, no need to judge a separate other.

Viewed from the Wholeness of You–the place where you and all others meet–giving and receiving are the same. Viewed from a place of timelessness, one doesn’t occur after the other. Viewed from the Wholeness of You, that beautiful, pristine giving and receiving are the energies that are available to perceive in everyone and in everything at all times, regardless of what seems to be happening from the separation perspective. You can tune into the the true divine nature of anyone, anything, or any situation at any time. When you do this consistently, you don’t have to worry about the enactment of giving and receiving. They happen very naturally because of the nature of your perspective.

Hopping back to the separation perspective for a moment, it can feel like one is emitting negative energy while another is offering relative positive energy. Both are your invitation to see beyond the polarities into the love and the abundance that has always encompassed them both. You can also see the energy of the one you are likely to judge as being there for you to help you drill down to the level of peace. When it’s necessary to look past someone’s surface to access their true divine nature, it’s simply a reflection of your own attachment to a personal surface, and your own opportunity to release what is not needed and to respond directly from the depth of you.

When you invite yourself to move through your day through from the depth of you, when you invite yourself to see that same loving depth in everyone else even and especially when they are doing you the favor of highlighting where you are attached to disturbance or judgment, you can see that the energy of who you are, of who all others are, truly does encompass all. From this perspective, you can see that this energy can do anything in the world, and you can feel that it is both powerful and peaceful.

We invite you into the peace of our Self, today and always.

Photo by Miloslav Janovský on Unsplash

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