The well of shared Self

Think about your perception of the world. See how you see it. During the day, check in. How am I seeing the world right now?

Now consider where your perceptions of the world seem to conflict with those of others. We’re pointing this out because ego will often tempt you to project conflict into your world as you consider how your perception conflicts with someone else’s perception. You consider the possible outcomes of those conflicts in perception, and you preset future events based on that. Congratulate yourself for being able to see this. This is good. This is big.

Now drill down, deep, deeper, to the place of truth and knowing within each of you, to the place where your perceptions are aligned. Yes, there is a place to which each of you has equal and immediate access, and it is your Self. If you draw consistently from this well, and you think, speak and act from this space, you create an attraction for that other. The “other” is attracted, past his apparent surface and your own, to the Self you both share. Somehow, that other knows you are not in conflict anymore. That other knows at some level that you are expressing his very own Self. Live from the space beyond all conflict. This is what we invite you to.

Everyone knows how to do this because “this” is happiness. All that we do is to encourage you to set down every reason you could cling to in order to convince yourself that something is more important than happiness. Happiness holds a very simple attraction because it is a beacon for the true and shared Self.

You can think and act and be from the simplicity of happiness, from the place of peace and knowing and truth. You can see beneath the surface of everyone to experience them truly. Is there any reason not to do this? You don’t need to know how to do it. Remember, you need do nothing. Do you have a little willingness? That is enough. Just have a little willingness not to put your doingness in front of your beingness. When your beingness (the shared Self) comes first, the doingness flows from what is true.

We invite you to notice when you think you know someone because you are judging their surface. The only thing to know about the surface of anyone else is that they are playing their role to perfection, and it always serves your awakening. If you are finding something lacking or threatening, it is because you are being given an opportunity to face the sense of lack to which you attach, the sense of threat that you encourage by attaching to and believing thoughts of threat. If you have a small willingness to allow all of that to go away, your nonphysical teams are always there in great joy to assist you.

Remember, every step on your journey Home is perfect, and you have many loving companions.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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