The opportunity of stress

We wish you a day free of stress today, but if you experience it, we urge you to go into the feeling and the mechanics of it. Be the scientist you are. Look at it.

Sometimes you think, under stress, that you have to solve a problem or confront an issue and that brings on more stress. In those moments, you can sense that there is a flawed energy running the show. The stressful experience is always an opportunity to observe flawed perception running things. The stress is your helpful alarm to let you know that is what is happening.

In the instant following the moment of stress, you have an option. You can react or respond. You are accustomed to hearing this language, but here is another way to look at it. You can allow yourself to react to what you perceive as stressful. Your other option is to allow yourSelf to handle it. This you is not you separate from everyone else, in conflict with this particular situation and trying to triumph over it. This is not hard-work-and-struggle you. This is You, vitally connected to the talents and abilities of everyone else, vitally connected to the flow at all times. This is the You that can respond. You show up as You whenever you are happy, whenever you are not holding onto the fear that blocks the flow. Whenever you are happy, people respond to You easily because they recognize themselves.

You’re here to see yourSelf in everyone. You’re here to allow everyone to see themSelves in you.

The root of any disturbance is your separate-self perception, and all that is required is your small willingness to allow perception to change. Remember this. This is the way through. When you are experiencing disturbance, it is due to this separate-self perception, and nothing else. It may certainly appear, when you look at the drama of your world, that it is due to something outside of you, but that is only an appearance. Please remember where the drama of the world is located. It is always within you, encompassed by the love you are, the power you are, the truth you are, the harmony you are.

This is why we recommend, when you are experiencing any level of disturbance, to stop, breathe, and acknowledge that you are willing to have your perception corrected. These are the moments when your energetic massage team is standing by, truly. We are right there. Just ask for a little help in seeing the situation differently.

The habit of lifetimes is to see a disturbance as caused by something outer. If you draw a map of how you are judging that outer, you will find that you are judging yourself for something similar, in a similar pattern. Let’s take an easy example. You look at a politician, and you are amazed by what you perceive to be a lack of compassion. This is a hiding place, and not one that feels good anymore. If you look with love, you will see that you are using your judgment of a politician to hide your judgment of your perceived separate self. That is why you can allow the politicians to be as they are. It is much more important that you see how you are judging your perceived separate self.

Now look. Find the ways that you judge your perceived separate self each day. Find the ways that you find it worse than or better than. Find that ways that you try to kickstart it into action with a judgment. Find where you are judging your perceived separate self for precisely the same lack of compassion you saw in others. Once you forgive yourself, you can see the Self. Once you stop finding defects in separate selves, you allow yourself to see the light of the Self everywhere. It’s okay if you don’t see it everywhere yet. What matters is your willingness to accept healing.

You accept healing not because you are or ever have been defective. You accept healing because you recognize that your perception does not serve All. Any perception that does not serve All does not serve you, because you are a beautifully differentiated aspect of the All.

So go back to that politician. The judgment of the outer is a defense against the inner that you don’t want to see or feel. Only every single time, without exception. The judgment of the skewed perception of the family member is a defense against the inner that you don’t want to see or feel. Only every single time, without exception. When you are willing to see and feel, you are willing to accept healing. When you are willing to accept healing, you are willing to see things as they truly are.

When you notice disturbance in your experience, you can stop. You can breathe. You can state, “I am willing to have my perception changed.”  That is always available to you. Notice the rush of thoughts the ego will broadcast in your direction about how a separate you must dominate or handle it. The ego tells you exactly what is wrong, exactly whose fault it is, and exactly what needs to change right now. Believing those thoughts is always optional. You can always take a breath. You can always state your willingness to see things differently. The stress itself is the signal that you have an opportunity for healing that serves all, in this very moment.

It is never rude to interrupt the ego. Go ahead and interrupt egoic thought–never really yours–with the awareness of You. Return to the space where all of us abide, where all of the true selves of your sisters and brothers reside. There is plenty of room. An infinite number of angels can dance on the head of a pin because we are one. Stay in the now moment, and help others to see where they have been abiding all along.

We often say that we will laugh and laugh at the cast party, and this is true! We recognize that this is a very significant and challenging stage in your healing right now, but only because the attraction of that which you thought worked but never did–egoic thought–is still quite strong. Keep looking. Keep seeing. Accept help in every moment. The thought storm will pass, and you will emerge into clarity.

We thank you for the your willingness to see past all the disguises that are worn here to the very simple and innocent light within all.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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