A light and flowering joy

You don’t have anything to achieve in the world, apart from what you end up doing. Traditionally, you would call this laziness. But what is left without the rush-rush and the push-push? If everything is perfectly, divinely in place right now, what happens when you set down the rush-rush and push-push? When you allow that which manipulates through emotion to subside, what arises? That which is perfectly timed and needs no push, through you. It is simplicity itself.

When separate you doesn’t have anything left to achieve, the door is open for the whole of you to work in the world through you. There is no resistance here, no interference. There is delight to see what unfolds. There is willingness to show up as inspired. There is willingness to show up as anything at all, past all requirements of ego, past all resistance.

The world was originally a playground where a separate self could succeed. But in order to have the experience of relative success, other selves have to fail in order to highlight a separate one as successful. When ego is transcended, and by this we mean the type of resistance that puts you into conflict with one another (not to be confused with the beautiful differentiation of each one of you–keep that!), you fall into mutual thriving, success for all, joy for all. You fall into yourSelf, and when you fall into yourSelf, you fall in Love. That’s why it feels so right.

During your day, notice where you attach value to how the world is showing up. What type of value are you attaching to the world or an aspect of it? Does any of it feel stressful?  Feel how is feels–the reverberations, the vibrations, the ripples. Feel how it feels so thoroughly that you emerge into the stillness beyond all that. In this space, the world just is. It has no particular value beyond the joy you already are and always have been, but it is the stage upon which this physicality is played out. Now it is played out in peace because you invited it in by transcending back-and-forth values. It is really easy to do. You just sit still until all the back-and-forth stops. You breathe. You move when inspired.

Making peace your reference point, your base, doesn’t mean inactivity. On the contrary, it can mean great activity that comes without resistance. It can mean periods of deep rest that come without judgment. It means everything happening in the right time, in the right way, with your knowing this is so. When you know for yourself, you can know it for others. How you see others is very powerful and can affect and assist them in very specific ways. So yes, you will be active. But you will also come to value the power of the mind-to-mind connection that looks like no activity at all.

Everything you do starts to bring you joy, so it doesn’t much matter what you are doing. Therefore it doesn’t become a big deal if you do something that looks very, very great or very, very small. Sweeping the street and cleaning the toilet are equal to speaking to thousands. You know that everyone always is speaking to thousands and billions right now, mind-to-mind, and the joy you are able to share with others right now is more valuable than any speech. When speech comes, it can come through you more easily without the interference of ego.

This realization that it doesn’t matter what you do frees you up to do the things that matter because you are not held back by concept. A light and flowering joy carpets the land. This is the image we want to leave you with. As many of you have this realization that you can simply show up as what you always have been, this light and flowering joy is spreading and being shared. It is unstoppable because is is the only thing that is true, and we share the glory of this with you.

Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

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