Illusion passes away

One of your politicians once proclaimed himself “the decider.” We encourage you to think of yourselves that way. You are the deciders. If you are the deciders, you are subject to nothing because you are separate from nothing.

What happens when you value your judgments of the world? When you judge, you separate. When you separate, you depart from the knowledge of your Wholeness in order to have another chosen experience. Notice this. You can be completely at peace, abiding in your Wholeness, and then you choose to leave your natural state to judge and separate. Notice these choice points throughout your day. When you notice them, you notice your power. You come to know deeply that you cannot have an enemy, but you can choose a perception of enemy.

When you look at the temptation to judge and then just look to see what else is there, that is when your world becomes transparent. Beneath the facade of every person, bar none, is a shining being playing a divine role in perfection. Beneath the surface of every situation, no matter how it looks, is an opportunity to dig deep into fear and to release into love and understanding.

When you begin to see this perfection-beneath-the-surface everywhere, how perfectly everything is set up to guide you toward healing and remembrance, how perfectly every being is playing her role, right down to the gesture, judgment is impossible. There is nothing to see except the perfection of the return path home, always under the surface at first.

Then the surface, the chosen illusion, passes away, and you see a pristine reflection of what really is. Af first, you see Love at work everywhere, behind the scenes. Then imagined scenes pass away, and you see love everywhere.

Whatever is beneath the world you see by choice, it is always there, shining brightly, much vaster than the world you experience, much vaster than a galaxy. It isn’t only underneath. It surrounds your world. It permeates it. It only awaits your notice. This tiny little layer of illusion on top, that is what you have chosen. All of the vastness beyond and on top and through–that’s Reality. When you’re no longer afraid, ashamed or terrified about what you did in making the choice to see an illusion, you become able to see Reality.

Although the illusion was designed to show up as very convincingly harmful, it is harmless. Seeing this, feeling this, knowing this–that is what will convince you to drop all of the fear. The Truth of your existence and identity is becoming increasingly available to you in many forms and in many ways, reflected back at you from your divine siblings who awaken alongside you. Enjoy and embrace the availability of the Truth, even and especially as it shows you where fear is still active for you.

Your fear, projected outward, makes the illusion that feels and looks fearful. When you stop projecting all that fear outward, what happens? You already know. You already know what happiness is, what rejoicing is, what basking is, what expansion is, what appreciation is. You simply rely on that full-time, knowing you are safe in releasing fear.

Love has always been here. It has never left, and you know this well. It’s only that you decided to experience an illusionary opposite, too. One way you hang onto this choice is to decide on the quality of your experiences based on a relative comparison. This experience is good. This experience is bad. This experience is wanted. This experience is unwanted. All experiences are perfect for your awakening right now. That is all. The same can be said for everyone else, everywhere.

From this stillness, this appreciation for all now, you can spring quite easily into effortless service to others–first through thought, then through speech and action. From this perspective, you can see the Wholeness–how all others serve you always.

Embrace the power and perfection of how things are unfolding now. We assure you as we walk with you, it is precisely the right path for the healing of all.

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash


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