Returning to the Truth of everything

When you allow everything to be as it is, you stand completely still. There is no waiting and wondering. In the stillness of no-thought, what problem can you actually have? What is Real beyond all illusion?

When you allow everything to be as it is in this moment, you allow yourself to be moved by the truth of You rather than by the agitation of egoic judgment. Feel into this deeply. Do you want agitation to be your foundation, the springboard of your actions, or do you want peace?

Remember that we are always here to assist you. We always say this, don’t we? We always call you steadily to remembrance. You are approaching a time now when you will take great advantage of this assistance. You will find it more tangible and believable than ever before, and so will your fellows. It is here. It has always surrounded you, and now, collectively, you are in the process of dropping illusion to become aware of what has always been here. What has always been here is more tangible and real than the dream you have been dreaming, and you are in the process of making the simple choice for what is Real, over and above what appears now because you have chosen it in a past.

You’re passing through the here and there into the Here. You’re passing through the us and them into the I. You are in the birth canal, so to speak.

The Here is always present for you. The Now always powers you. The I has always been you. When your perception is clear, no phenomenal thing can blind you to the power and truth of the I-Here-Now, because there never has been any distance between them. They have always been one thing.

In the passing through, which is like a death–the death which is a rebirth–you can’t take anything with you through that doorway. No concept of self. No concept of other. You are born naked. You are reborn naked, too, having shed everything to which you were clinging before, realizing it was valueless. The only thing of value is what you are collectively, and it’s not something you can ever lose. You simply keep what was truly yours all along and let the rest go–all the concepts, all of the illusions. You have always been held safely in the arms of Harmony, and it has always been safe to do this. You only thought otherwise.

Is there any one thing you would hang onto to prevent remembrance of the Whole thing that encompasses you and all? Some special love? Some special hate? Some special problem that only you can solve? Truly, you need nothing, and you need do nothing. You can drop the story that anything else is true. In dropping the story you allow knowing. In allowing knowing, you allow the inspiration that brings forth the perfect doing from you.

What we’re telling you is beyond words, as all true things are, but words can point to it. We thank you for collectively calling forth circumstances on your planet, no matter how they look to you now, that are perfectly timed and fashioned to assist all into awakening. By all we refer to the inevitability of the awakening of all. It will seem to happen in time, in waves, but remember the hiding-place quality of time. It is just one more illusion. Know that all is perfectly timed to assist you in the transcendence of time.

This process could only be perfectly timed if you yourself are perfect, and if the same is true of your fellows. We leave you with that, and with our profound thanks.

Photo by Syd Sujuaan on Unsplash

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