Celebrate our union

Think of a state of non-attachment. What could you possibly be attached to? Only what isn’t. The things that Are–love, compassion, joy, truth, power, harmony–they are You. You are not attached to them. You are those things. They cannot be detached from You because they are your very Self. So the only thing it is possible to be attached to is a facet of the illusion of disorder. That is all. Waking up is a process of detaching where you have attached.

In a state of non-attachment, you don’t need any phenomenal thing, and you don’t have to strive after any phenomenal thing. Within the dream, it certainly seems this way, doesn’t it? It seems as if you must strive after money. It seems as if you must strive after what are seen to be the essentials of life. Remember, however, that you are living a story. This is simply the story unfolding, along with the sense of striving. So even if the sense of striving is present, what is Real about it? Go into it very deeply. Take a moment. Breathe. Stay with it.

The choice to have an egoic experience meant that you would experience what isn’t and what could never be as if it were Real. That doesn’t mean it is Real, however. Why are we perching upon this point today? When you realize how flimsy your constructs of small-r reality are, you can see how easily and quickly they can change as needed. When you don’t need small-r reality to show up in a very predictable way because sameness seems to be security, then you can allow change. Being able to allow change is very useful as you are awakening with others. When your security comes from Reality rather than a predictable facet of small-r reality–the dream–then you can allow the dream to change in significant ways.

Let us state this in a slightly different way. When you no longer require the dream of sensory experience to continue on a repeating loop, it can do some very interesting things.

In a state of non-attachment, you have released your requirement that what isn’t shows up for you in order to give a separate you a consistency of identity and experience. When you are attached to what isn’t, you assume there will be wars because they are inevitable. You assume there will be environmental destruction because you all deserve it. You assume many things without even realizing it. The state of non-attachment is a recognition of and a trust in the abundance in which you are always held. When you recognize it, you allow it to emerge in your sensory experience, in your experiences with other beings, in your perception of your world.

If you are in a state of non-attachment, you don’t judge or categorize things as they pass by in defense of a self, in a defense of a story of the world based upon differences in separate selves or wrongdoing of separate selves. Nothing not-real is inevitable. All disorder is not-real, because in choosing the egoic experience, you chose to experience an opposite to harmony. However, there is only harmony. If you are experiencing disharmony, it is by choice.

Those can be very painful words to hear, but we wouldn’t offer them if they didn’t offer any help to you. Your choice is always your power. Separate selves tend to take this idea of choice and turn it into blame, but eventually that tendency dries up. Because the separate self is un-real, there is really no need to blame it. It just takes up clock time, and time is something you invented in shame as a hiding place because you felt so scared about your choice to experience fear. See the circular nature of that? You were afraid because you chose fear, and fear was never real. Simply remind yourself of that often.

Being in a state of non-attachment means that you trust. You trust what is Real to guide you throughout your day–power, harmony, truth, love. When thoughts of disorder arise, you are more and more able to stop and allow them to dissolve. When you don’t allow those thoughts of disorder to arise before thinking further, speaking or acting, your feelings are so disturbing that you do stop and reset. Your willingness to feel had led to this. It is dissolving–this tendency to turn to the un-real to keep a repetition of the first instance of fear repeating in different forms.

We thank you for this willingness to feel, this willingness to stop, this willingness to allow your perception to change. Once you have reset from a disorder orientation to a harmony orientation, you can allow action to come to you and through you. Is appears that a separate you is the doer, but you recognize the fiction of the separate you. This is why is no longer matters if anyone approves of or criticizes a separate you. It can only ever be a fiction. You can invest a lot of clock time in trying to make this fiction real, but you will never succeed.

When you allow yourself to be guided by the Reality of what You are,  it becomes very  obvious and clear to follow where it guidance leads. Eventually, there is no following and no guidance. It simply unfolds in a state of deep acceptance. We share with you this state of deep acceptance and allowing because it is what we have to give. It is what you have to give. It is what we are, and we celebrate our union.

Photo by Aliko Sunawang on Unsplash

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