The irrelevance of circumstance

We invite you to watch.

Watch how beliefs operate in your experience today. Watch them arise. Identify them. Be curious about their effects. Notice any attachment to belief. Who would you be without a particular belief? What do you think would happen without that belief? Is there any fear associated with the idea of that belief disappearing? Be curious about what happens beyond belief.

Think of one personal condition that seems to imprison or limit you.

It is perfectly placed. It is for you. You came here to transcend the whole matrix of that. You didn’t come just to change it from bad to good on the surface. You came here to see through it and beyond it to what actually is, always. Your experience of this limitation or condition is an opportunity to release, to go deeper. It’s an opportunity. It’s not actually a limitation.

Can you release your attachment to the idea of limitation? What would happen if you did that? Would it affect your identity in any way? It might affect the configuration of your separate identity, and this is what you are always invited to set down. Nothing phenomenal can affect who you truly are, who everyone else truly is.

In just noticing the beliefs that course through your mind every day, the ones you attach to and the ones you use as reasons to resist and push, you do yourself and everyone around you a great service. It is no small thing. In just noticing the effects of beliefs and expectations (for what is an expectation if not a belief?) you allow them to dissolve. When you allow them to dissolve, you feel ease, acceptance.

You have believed in the past that your circumstances can imprison you. Have you noticed that all beliefs are in the past?  What belief truly exists now? Can you pin it down?

Beliefs are optional. You have to slow it down to see it. This is why we ask you to watch. Watch what egoic thought suggests. Watch an attachment to a belief spring up in mind. Just look at that dance. Are the egoic thoughts yours? They pass through your mind. You can attach. You can hold onto them. You can make what appears to be something out of them. All optional. Beyond this thought-dance, what is there? What is foundational, underneath that?

What you do in the present is entirely up to you, but sometimes it seems to be impelled by these attachments, these assumptions. To impel is to drive forward, to seem to drive forward. What comes before this? What is always there underneath it? This feeling into that–what is always there for you, as you–is always available to you in each moment. We have given you this image of being driven forward, being driven forward by belief, which can only exist in the past. So there’s this idea of being driven forward from a past into a future.

We ask you to use these images lightly, as they can only point to truth. Now consider a blossoming out of the Now. This has a different feeling, does it not? The Now is always available to you and everyone, equally, and what comes from the Now is always a blossoming. This feels better because it clearly is you. It can be felt as Home. This is the nature of the spontaneous smile or hug. It does not have a searching, seeking or pushing quality, and it is always available to you regardless of circumstance.

This abundance is why circumstance becomes completely unimportant. Notice yourself assigning weight and importance to circumstance. To look, to notice without judging, is to allow that which you don’t need to dissolve. It allows clarity. It allows the flow of inspiration.

This is presence, and it is always available to you because it is the simplicity of what you and all others are. It doesn’t matter if they appear to notice it or not. Nothing can change the truth. Each moment of presence transcends circumstance.

Look at the etymology of circumstance. It’s from the Latin circum–around–and stare–stand. Circumstances seems to surround you where you stand. They seem to imprison you at times. However, to know yourself and others, to know the unity and harmony of that, is to see that the You that you are collectively–your true identity–surrounds every circumstance, and luckily for you, that identity is love. It is not limitation. Every circumstance is an opportunity to wake up to this. This is why you can bow in thanks and gratitude for every circumstance. It’s always a chance to see that You surround it, and You surround it in love. What can come next when you see such a thing? No matter what, it’s always a good thing. It always serves you and all.

Belief is optional, but you forget that. You will come to see that circumstances are perfectly designed to help you become aware of this fact, and that is what will enable you to bow in thanks to them. You are always perfectly supplied with every resource needed, and that includes each circumstance, without exception.

While you are observing belief, unpick cause and effect. Many, many beliefs are based on a prediction of cause and effect. Just notice. Look at the thought dance. Notice what you believe.

Today, we invite you to stay here in the now with us as you observe belief without judgment. There is nothing you need to change or control. Just look. As you look without judgment, you allow all the assistance that is available to you to work on your behalf. When you allow assistance on your behalf, you are allowing all others to be assisted along with you. It is a very beautiful thing. So simple, and so beautiful.

Photo by WestBoundary Photography chris gill on Unsplash

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