The light of awareness In asking you to look upon another, we are asking you to look upon light. Think of this today. Whenever you are looking upon another in the physical or in thought, you are actually only looking at boundless, beautiful light. This is the reality of that other, no matter what role that other seems … Continue reading The light of awareness

You chose a simulation

Allow us to tell you a story about what you didn't do. It's just a story. You wondered what not-joy would be like, and then time and space were born. When you perceived the limits of time and space, you panicked. Panicking was never possible outside this simulation. Just after you panicked, you began to … Continue reading You chose a simulation

Remembering our shared innocence

We invite you to become aware of things you seem to want in this world. If you want chocolate or a nap or thousands of dollars, that is fine. Just don't get attached to the idea that these seemingly separate things mean too much, however. We invite you to turn all concepts of this nature … Continue reading Remembering our shared innocence

Shared purity and innocence

You are here to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful. You are not here to mess up or to try hard. It is natural for you and for everyone to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful--a reflection of what you Are together. Keep your focus there. It is natural … Continue reading Shared purity and innocence

All are innocent

Nothing--no separate thing--can threaten you. We hear you laughing. You try being embodied, you say. The cars coming at you are very realistic! So let's sit in appreciation for a moment, looking together at the matrix of experience, of possibility, you have made. We are saying made versus created, and that is the difference between believed and experienced … Continue reading All are innocent