You are free

We invite you to act from your shared Self today. If you feel you don’t know what that means or it feels like a struggle, we invite you to simply stop whenever you feel confusion or struggle during your day. Simply stop, take a breath, and affirm your intention to act from your shared Self.  When you do this, you bring information to yourself–ideas, suggestions, frameworks. You invite that which helps you to discern between acting from separate identity and acting from True identity, your harmoniously differentiated self.

Why do we advise this for you? Because it brings happiness. And when you experience happiness, you can share it with others. Simple happiness shared is what transforms the world.

When you act from your shared Self, you allow. What do you allow? You allow the flow that we are. You allow calm. You allow peace. You allow joy.

When you choose the illusion of making instead of allowing creation, you choose the illusion of struggling in opposition to each other. You can feel the difference between celebrating each other and struggling with each other. When you feel struggle on the subtlest level, fear not. We are here. We are always here. Instead of saying that we will guide you, which is what we can say if it is the only way you can see our partnership, we can say that we will bring you into the awareness of our harmonious thriving–a thriving that has never abated.

When you feel this sense of harmonious thriving and know it to be your true foundation, the door to inspiration is open. When the door to inspiration is open, you act quite naturally from the shared Self. Awakening is all about learning to trust in your true identity so you leave that door open. A dependence on fear, the habit of believing fearful thoughts, is what closes that door.

Your Self–your true identity–is the origin of all the separate selves. When you act from your origin, you see it in others. When you act from the illusion you have used to obscure Reality, you see that illusion in others. The level you choose is important. You can continue to choose the level of conflict and struggle, or you can go deeper than the surface illusion. You can choose the basis of harmony.

This is very simple. It is as simple as feeling good or feeling bad.

When you referring to the making space–the illusion–as your foundation, it doesn’t feel good. When you are allowing yourself to remember your true foundation as the creating space–the harmony that supports us all, it does feel good. The only thing you have to lose is the idea that anything is anyone’s fault. If you can give that up, you can drop down through the illusion to which you have been clinging to the safety that has always been there for you and everyone.

When you are willing to give up the habit of believing that circumstances are the fault of separate ones, you stop giving away your power. When you trust in your power, you are in the flow. The flow is what carries you peacefully through the illusion of time until you emerge from it. When you are willing to be carried peacefully through the illusion of time, you recognize the ability you share with all others–the ability to share peace and happiness. How it looks is different for each one of you, but how it feels is the same.

When you trust in your power, you are not distracted over the idea of anyone else’s power, so you are allowing them to flow in their power, too.  There is no yours and theirs, truly, so when you stop being distracted by the illusion of that, you get to bask in the Reality of the wholeness you have always shared.

There is only the one power–freedom. We bask in our freedom with you today.

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