Worth is shared

Will you choose to see love or will you choose to see fear?

Yes, you get to decide. You are simply habituated to victim consciousness. We know you have come very far in understanding what you have been doing in accepting victim consciousness, but you are still habituated to it. The habits are breaking down significantly, however. This is good news! They can never be what they once were. There is only one way to go now.

Why would you choose to see fear?

Go back, back, back. Go back to the time of the invention of the ego to experience what could never be. In that moment when the illusion of impossibility exploded, you were there. As A Course in Miracles states, you forgot to laugh. Instead you turned to your invention–fear. You attached. Time is of fear. You used time as a hiding place where egos seem to control lives apart from our unity because you were afraid to admit your error to your creator, to the unity of us all You were afraid of punishment, even though fear and punishment both belonged to the illusion you created and could never be. So instead, you cherished and attached to the cruel world of your invention.

When you are fearing negative outcomes or predicting them for others, you are oriented toward punishment. You are oriented toward what could never actually be. You are oriented to illusion. We’re just unwinding that now. We’re inviting you to reorient yourself toward Reality whenever you become aware that you have slipped into illusion again.

We invite you to notice a particular aspect of the attachment to the illusion today. Notice how ego keeps finding ways to put a self down. It doesn’t matter which self is pushed down, criticized, hated, blamed. It doesn’t matter whether it is yours or another’s. Ego just needs separation to function. While we’re at it, let’s remember ego isn’t Real. But we’re looking at the illusion you choose instead of Reality. When you look at it, it dissolves. We invite you to observe its operations or its attempted operations today.

Will you choose to see upliftment?

Yes, the choice is yours. Every circumstance you experience, every circumstance someone else experiences–they are all for your upliftment. In some way, they help you remember who you are. They get you in touch with your deep desire for peace and harmony. They allow you to see what you are attached to. They allow you to see what no longer serves you. They allow you to bask in union with your fellows. They make you aware of the joy in your heart or the disquiet you choose instead.

If all circumstance always serves you and all others in awakening and returning to shared Self, then there is nothing to fear at all, is there? Is there anything left to fear? Was there ever truly anything to fear?

Do you believe you deserve upliftment?

This goes deep into the question of worth–your view of the worth of others and of yourself. If you are finding others unworthy, you are definitely using that as a smokescreen in order not to experience the pain of finding yourself unworthy. If you are finding yourself unworthy, you may not understand that is your guarantee that you are seeing others that way, too. Just look.

We invite you to the sameness of everything–same love, same worth. You, as beings of light–all of you–share only one worth. There is only one. One cannot be more worthy than another. The actions of the illusory world serve to awaken you all. They do not indicate anyone’s worth.

So now that you know worth truly is equal, who does not deserve upliftment? How could you possibly exclude yourself or anyone else? This is how it happens–all of you together. First you see your unity, and then you experience it.

We stand with full appreciation of your worth, which is fully and inextricably linked to the wroth of all others May it thrive and expand in your sight today.

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash



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