Dismantling the structure of suffering

The small-r reality of this dimension is that there is the experience of that which is unlike love. There is the experience, pasted on top of the peace in which you have always abided, the full love and acceptance that has always been yours (and everyone else’s) just because you Are.

When you experience that which feels unlike love, notice it’s what you intended. You intended to have the experience of duality. And you did! Congratulations. No, there is no punishment for all of the wars. No, there is no judgment for all of the mistreatment humans and other beings have heaped upon one another, either in thought, word or deed.

Think of that. Think of the mistreatment humans heap upon each other in thought alone. When you remember who you are (and therefore who all the others are) consistently, this is impossible to do. Until the remembrance is consistent, you still dip into pushing against others in thought. Every time you find this happening, it is an instructional period. Bow in thanks for it. Take advantage of it. Open to our assistance as you approach the point at which this tendency will simply fall away because it is clear it is not needed.

When you are engaged in an instructional period with us, which means you have referred within to sanity because you notice you have been thinking in insane ways by judging, fearing or pushing against your fellows, there is no need to pause and reprimand yourself for thinking in such ways. First of all, you don’t think. The thoughts are not yours. You are having the experience of an apparently separate entity attaching to bits and bytes of information that seem to be the personal thoughts of the separate entity, but this is simply not true.

Let us state this more simply. As we have told you before, our simple examples are not the truth, but they point to the truth. They are aids. They are signposts and guides as you travel back to full awareness of yourself. You are a beautifully differentiated aspect of the love everyone is.

You, as this beautifully differentiated aspect of love, attach to information that comes to the field of your awareness. When you accept a fearful perspective of separation as your filter for this information that is always coming to you, a good deal of the information coming to you sounds like fear, resistance, and judgment. When you release this fear overlay that is your separate sense of self, the information that comes to you sounds and feels like what it is and always has been–love.

In the drama, it may look as though this or that interdimensional entity is responsible for your access to the loving thoughts and feelings that help you stay in the flow of the love you are, but it is only the way it looks. Through your choice for fear-based experience and separate identity, you hired those actors to show up in those divine roles. The roles are divine because that which you made (fearful experience) is infused with that which you are in order to bring you back to the remembrance of that which you and all others are. In other words, it was foolproof. There was no way that you were going to remain in ignorance forever. Knowing that you hired all of the actors in the drama (and this is true from any apparently separate perspective) is the basis for forgiveness.

Let’s talk about time. The only reason you think there is anything to forgive is because of the separation-perspective hiding place called time. In time, the past appears to be different from the future. The mind makes current versions of all things unlike love by replicating the past. Your mind. If you are experiencing anything at all unlike love, it’s because you, as love, are attached to the idea that you are a separate one. When you are attached to this idea, you keep replicating that separation in different forms throughout time. The fear overlay that you choose must contain an element of threat, but threat is not and never has been Real. It is simply the repulsive sense within the illusion that keeps things separate and distinct and therefore unequal and either threatening or threatened.

Small-m minds need something to push against in order to define themselves. This is an experience you give yourself, but it is not real. There is only one mind. You can experience the truth of the one mind in harmony by recognizing the beautifully differentiated aspects you all are without exception.

In other words, you kiss frogs. (Or maybe you kiss humans and turn them into delightful frogs!) You look right through what is not, see that connection, express that connectedness, and all are restored to the sense of harmony and oneness that has always been alive underneath your choice to experience that which could seem to oppose harmony. It’s only a drama, an experience, and that’s all it ever could have been. It has never been Real, and that’s what this rescue mission is all about. It’s you rescuing yourself, of course, because there is nothing you are not.

Today, we invite you to observe energy in delight. Be fascinated. Be the scientist. Don’t judge a separate and fictional you or a separate or fictional anyone-else as inadequate. Just watch how it works. Are you sending that pushing energy into the collective, that repulsive force that encourages views of separation and threat, or are you abiding in the confidence of the peace of us?

When you abide where you have always been–in peace, in love–you share that with the collective. Forget what you are doing. What are you thinking? Stated more accurately, what thoughtforms are you attaching to? How are you seeing things? Do you believe there is a real threat anywhere? Can you allow us to help you see through that in the moment that it happens? That is why we are here, and we delight in serving you. When we serve you, we serve all, and we love ourselves very much. There is no way possible for you to be who we aren’t.  What appears to you to be a rescue mission  is simple Self-love.

We invite you especially today to ease the energy of pushing. In time, where there is a sense of threat, where pressure to perform in a certain way can seem very real, pushing is how you believe you get things done. Abiding and being guided and flowing is how supporting the energy of creation feels. Pushing and abiding feel very different. If you are willing to feel how everything actually feels, instead of driving forward toward successive goals, this pushing energy will feel very interesting.

How could I have allowed a whole life to be guided by this energy, you might ask? It was a simple choice. You have always had that choice, and you have that same choice in this moment. You can engage in the judgment and pushing that reinforces the perspective of separation and suffering, of victim and aggressor, or you can dismantle the whole thing! You are at a very wonderful point in your evolution now. You dismantle the whole thing by allowing it to fall apart.

What will you share with the collective today, right now? Will you do that collective a beautiful and loving service by recognizing the truth of the peace and the love that they are? Beautiful discoveries await you, and we are so very happy to see your remembrance expand.

Photo by Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash


10 thoughts on “Dismantling the structure of suffering

  1. This is so beautiful. I could keep reading it again and again — and mark it with highlighters – and smile and keep returning to that place of pure love. Can’t thank you enough for this magnificent share. I bow to that Love, to you, me and all of creation! Thank you! 🙂

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      1. I feel blessed under a umbrella of Grace. You remind me – if you are getting wet in the rain – it means you have run out into duality, just step back in. Back to the umbrella of Grace…where we join hands in love. Thank YOU! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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