Here are your wings

We invite you to turn the dial on your radio station to Reality. There is only love. When there’s just one thing, nothing can manipulate or control the one thing. Nothing can dominate the one thing because there is nothing which is not the thingness itself. Nothing can come from outside and affect the one thing because it simply Is.

This is the truth, but you’re living a story on top of the truth. You’re living a story that would contradict the truth because you chose the experience of illusions, of what isn’t, what never could be. Waking up to the fact that you chose an illusion and you are living the storyline of it, you are now in a wonderfully powerful position to call Truth into every aspect of your storyline. You call it forth, and so it is. You are in charge of the storyline, and the storyline can assume a form that reflects the harmony you are back to you.

When you are hung up on single aspects of your world and believing that you have to try or manipulate, you forget your power within the storyline. As people wake up to the fact that they are dreaming ego fantasies and they have the power to call the love that they are forth to shine through every aspect of the dream, they allow their storylines to merge and harmonize. This is the end of war.

You will reach a point of forgetting all history of strife. As it stands now, you think you need to remember a past of strife in order not to repeat it, but this keeps you clinging to the idea of separate selves manipulating everything to make it okay. It causes nothing but more war. This will become apparent, and you as a collective will let it go. You will understand that you need no concept of past and no control over future. Those things belong to separate and vulnerable entities, to fantasies. In truth, you have never been separate, never been vulnerable. You have successfully acted out the roles, though. Everyone gets an Oscar!

There is just one thing, and that thing is love. When there’s just one thing, there’s no reason to hold onto, worship or cherish anguished thoughts. There’s no reason to create new story chapters based on anguished thoughts. All storylines related to anguished thoughts come from that first instant of anguish, when you believed you had successfully separated from your creator. We like to call this the Oh-Shit moment. Here’s the thing: You can’t separate from your creator–scientifically impossible. But you were such a good illusion-maker that you fooled yourself.

Gold stars for effective illusion-making! But attachment to illusions brings experiences of suffering. Suffering can only be experienced in a simulated reality. A simulated reality can only be experienced when you are very consistently looking away from the reality of love in order to believe in the apparent power of a something-else.

Why would you keep anguished storylines replaying and replaying and replaying? Because you think you’re screwed. You think that you separated from your creator, and you think this must be unforgivable, and so you think you are condemned–stuck forever to live out your mistake. We bring you good news from your mother. You never did anything wrong and you were never in trouble. We could say you are forgiven, but the truth is that you never required forgiveness in the first place. The one who needs forgiveness is you–from yourself. You have to give it to everyone else in the story in order to truly give it to yourself. Once all is forgiven by you, the only thing there is becomes apparent everywhere.

Love streams in through all the energetic conduits you blocked because you were scared of punishment. That was your punishment–what you did to yourself in an illusion. You have never been punished by anything outside of yourself, and neither has anyone else.

The freedom you are is the freedom all others are, even and especially if they seem to be the ones working to make you unfree. They are playing their perfect role in the storyline. They are there to be seen as the love they are, there to be awakened, there to be appreciated as your companions on the journey Home, there to be forgiven, there to be celebrated.

So now go to stories about how you as a people have been manipulated or controlled. And then jump back to that first moment of thinking you had truly separated from your creator, of believing you had done a terrible thing. All storylines of anguish are related to this first anguish. What you are is beyond any story. When the idea of others controlling you or taking advantage of you or limiting you in some way seems very real, please visit this first moment of anguish. See the love your creator has for you, even when you feared it. Notice that all stories of anguish are your repetition of the first anguish, and you need not repeat. That’s worth repeating: You need not repeat. It truly is up to you.

How to stop the cycle of repetition? Ask to see truth. Ask to see the reality of all others as immediately freely and fully forgiven. See through their roles–the roles that would help you remember that there is something to remember–and thank them for acting out the exact stories that would call you back to the remembrance of yourSelf so you could share it with all others. Everything everyone does is a very beautiful service from this perspective.

There is no need to repeat first anguish in any form today, but if you do, remember free and full forgiveness. Remember the one-thingness-of us. Remember it all–not just a part you manipulate.

You are the power, so you can call upon what you are to infuse and make itself known in every aspect of the story you are living. You have that power because there isn’t anyone who lacks that very same power. Make a game of this. Where are you going to allow love to come sparkling through the storyline today?

We bound alongside you in joy, celebrating as you stretch your wings.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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