Receive and give thanks

On this day of Thanksgiving in the United States, let us observe why you have great cause to be thankful.

Give thanks that all minds are connected. All minds across time and space are linked. This means you are never alone, and you truly are in this together. As one allows healing of perception, all come into remembrance of the Whole that has never needed healing. What can come through you today, quite effortlessly and naturally, that will assist in healing the perception of all the beautifully differentiated aspects of the whole? Do not limit yourself, for you are limitless. So are all others.

Every day is a day to see that all are limitless. When you encounter mind erecting and reinforcing limits, stop and give thanks that all are limitless. Be the conduit that allows this to come into expression.

Give thanks that nothing is private. You truly have nothing to hide and nowhere to hide it. Give thanks for everyone’s purity, equally shared. Thought may tell you to erect complicated structures based on guilt, accusation, comparison, and the perception of lack of worth. People may give themselves the experience of hiding things and thinking they need to hide things, others hiding things from them. But none of this is real. If you refer to your feeling sense, you can feel all the thoughts and emotions around you. What will you drop into that pool today?

Will you assist in all in understanding that it’s okay? There is nothing to hide, nothing to protect, and nothing to condemn. You do this first by aligning your perspective with truth. You align your perspective by allowing perception correction. By seeing clearly, you assist others, mind-to-mind, in seeing clearly. You don’t need to speak a word, although you might. You don’t need to do a thing, although you might, quite naturally, in joy.

Give thanks that all are innocent. Even though you’re still showing up within a drama in which all kinds of costumes are worn, nothing can eclipse the reality of shared identity. If one is innocent, all have to be innocent, for there is only One. You have the wonderful privilege of draining and calming the drama. As you do your work, what has always been here for you all can come into view–limitless abundance and joy.

Give thanks for the effortless extension of healing. As you accept healing for yourself in each moment of disturbed perception, that healing extends to all dimensions. It’s not just a question of peace on Earth. It’s peace here and everywhere, everywhen. As you rejoice in every moment of clear perception, that joy radiates out and is shared across time and space. These gifts you give are better than anything you could unwrap.

Give thanks that in each moment when you accept the healing of perception correction, you make this opportunity to see clearly more evident to everyone across time and space. Rejoice in the the many blessings you share. Give thanks for the power you are, the power that is equally available to all, and celebrate that in every moment when you allow perception to be healed, you assist beings in waking up to the benign power waiting it express itself lovingly through all.

We give you our thanks for your willingness to heal that you might share it. Receive and give. Give and receive. There is truly much to celebrate as the collective steps forward into the remembrance of peace!

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

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