Arming a mouse

You came here to share happiness. Happiness is available due to who you are, not because of where you seem to find yourself.

You came here to share relaxation and joy. Despite the way things appear here, you always have a direct conduit to relaxation, and there is always joy to share. This never changes and is unrelated to circumstance.

Sometimes you become very convinced that circumstance can affect your feeling, your outlook. This is not actually true. You only experience it as true if you empower circumstance, if you allow yourself to feel hemmed in or limited by what appears to surround you. You can always remember who you are, who the other guy is. You are the unlimited. It is not possible for either one of you to be truly limited. Isn’t that interesting?

Yet you’re so caught up in believing in this play you’re acting in that you forget it’s not possible to be limited by it. Remembering frees everyone from the limitation that has only been an appearance.

If you came here to share happiness, to share the good news that all are and always have been free, this means that you must have a vast reserve of happiness to share. That vast reserve of happiness is your true identity, and it is shared.

If you have  vast reserve of happiness to share, that means that all others also have a vast reserve of happiness to share. The vast and unlimited reserve is who you really are, collectively. Knowing this, knowing how very close all others are to happiness, gives you confidence in them. Why should they not rediscover this vast well of who they are? What could prevent them from accessing it? Not life circumstance. Never life circumstance.

Remember this: Circumstance is powerless against who you all are. You are the only ones who can empower circumstance and allow it to give you an experience of limitation.

Look at the word: Circumstance is from the Latin circumstare–to encircle, to encompass. Circumstances appear to surround you. Circumstances appear to limit you, but only if you have chosen that this be so. You chose an experience in which a circumstance could loom larger than your joyful self, but the truth of it is that you have always surrounded circumstances.

Know this: Whatever circumstances you are looking at, they are always surrounded by your loving presence, the loving presence shared by all. What will happen to apparent circumstance when you know, and know deeply, that it is always surrounded by a love more powerful than any appearance? Can it hold up? Why don’t you find out?

If you are the love that surrounds all circumstance, and so are all the other guys across time and space, then what seems to make up the surface of this world is just the tiniest layer. You are the one who gives this tiny layer, this suggestion, all its power over vast, immutable, joyful you. Can you see the joke? It’s been a rather large joke, but do you understand now?

It’s as if you are a group of giants who have armed a mouse, and you sit around this mouse, mesmerized and frightened as it seems to threaten you. We ask you to blink once whenever you have become mesmerized by how circumstances appear. Do you feel limited in any way? Blink once. Shake the phantoms out of your head. Come out from under the spell.

Sit for a while in the simplicity of the remembrance of who you are. Whenever you feel limited, whenever you feel less than expansive, it’s your very helpful feeling sense telling you that you are empowering an illusion, and you can stop. Stop arming a mouse! Set it free.

We are with you whenever those alarm bells of feeling go off. We are always here and ready to assist you in seeing things as they truly are, and it is our profound honor to do so.


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