Divine spatula

Oneness is not something you have to achieve. It is. It is a recognition. We invite you to simply see it for a moment. Underneath the churning surface of this dream, there is a Oneness that cannot be touched, has never been touched. This is the source of the peace that passeth all understanding.

Oneness is something you become more and more willing to see, seemingly over time. But time is already over. You have already gotten your head fully out of your ass. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a done deal. That seeps the drama out of your experience, but there is no drama in Oneness. There is, however, great joy and the unending expansion of creation.

Each time you have a moment of stress or tension, you are denying the joy and unending creative expansion that simply Is. That is why you have this feel-bad alarm going on. It is not about the people or the conditions seemingly surrounding you. You have simply allowed misperception to take center stage, and your alarm is going off. Learn to bow in thanks to that alarm.

The alarm sense tells you that you misperceiving. In this moment, your state of mind is entirely up to you. It is not up to people or conditions that seem to exist outside of you. Remember, you always encompass them all, and you encompass them in love because you are love.

Seeing the Oneness brings forth the power to dissolve the illusion. This is the basis of miracles. The power to dissolve the illusion is always there, but you must allow it through. Allowing it through is what you begin to do quite naturally because the difference between feeling good and feeling bad becomes clear.

The next time you have the experience of conflicting wills, really feel in to what seems to be that feeling of opposition, of irritation, of judgment. Feel that tension. That right there is misperception. The entire idea of free will is a misperception and the basis for the experience of conflict. If you are seemingly enmeshed in a conflict, get curious. What energy powers this? How could I see it differently? How could I see the Oneness, even here? How could I drill down to see and feel what is True?

Let us explore free will. It is an idea upon which the illusion of separation is based. The idea is that you have your idea of where you’re going, and I have my idea of where I’m going, and like a couple of goats, we’ll tussle. One will appear to dominate, and that one will be the winner. This is a game you play within an illusion–the only place it could be played. Underneath the illusory idea of conflicting wills is the one, vibrant, thriving will of peace and joy that has never been touched by a desire for the experience of disharmony and conflict.

So when you find yourself in a situation in which the feeling of conflict is apparent, in which that back-and-forth tension feels very real, we give you a spatula. The spatula goes underneath everything so you can look at it. This spatula we give you slides underneath the foundation of love that is always thriving underneath the illusion. It allows you to bring everything up to eye level so you can see how very thin the layer of apparent free will is on top of the vibrant, thriving divine will that has always been there for you, as you.

[Divine typo: I meant to type thin, but I originally typed think: How very think the layer of apparent free will is on top of…

That’s true, too! I can see how it is all due to thought.]

The idea of free will is an illusion. If you’re asking to see what is true, you are asking to see right through the illusion of conflicting wills. This is the basis of the miracle. This is the basis of all guidance you allow to reach you.

Here, within the illusion, there is most definitely a perception of free will. That is how you bring to yourselves experiences of conflict. In remembering that there truly is only one will, you allow the dream to dissolve in your perception, so you can see while you still appear as a character within it that the dream never has been able to do you or anyone any harm. It is all an enactment. The idea of playing a virtual reality game with friends who have no idea they have headsets on is an apt metaphor. When you become completely identified with your roles, which seem finite and therefore threatened, the enactment seems like all there is.

When you can see who you are and who everyone else is beyond all the roles, you allow the transformative flow of Oneness that you are into the dream. You can allow the transformative flow of Oneness that you are into the dream when you realize you don’t have to use your beautiful focus to attempt to micromanage an illusory surface. You can put all the managing down. You can allow the flow of You. When you receive this beautiful gift that is always there for you and all others, you share it with all others.

Many of you are paying attention to gifts at this time of year. Remember that there is only one gift, and that to accept it is to give it. We are full of joy when you receive from us. Okay, you see through us. We are full of joy all the time! But it is a very joyous chapter in your dream when you put down the false self to receive and give from the True Self of us all.

Photo by eismannhans on Pixabay

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