Miracles are easy

Your mind is very, very powerful, and the power of the mind is never unshared. This means that whatever mind activity you have going on, you are sharing that with the collective.

Consider this: Something happens in your world, and many people react to it. They seem very concerned with the impact of this event that is already in the past, but the true impact is always happening right now, mind-to-mind, with the way minds are either reacting or responding to what they perceive. Collective mind activity can be felt and seen through. When you see through collective mind activity (consider the news), you are a conduit for peace.

When you rest in being the conduit for peace that you are, you see all others as who they truly are, too. How does your mind impact theirs? You share this gift of relaxing into what they already are. You show the way, mind-to-mind, and peace expands. This means that you can look upon anything at all, see the Truth beneath it, and share peace with all minds. It is not only beautiful; it is miraculous. This sharing of peace and joy is the basis of the miracle.

You say it will take a miracle to save your world? No problem. Miracles are easy. We encourage you to flip your perception upside down to see Truth.

Whenever you feel the weight of guilt and personal blame, whether it seems to be happening in your mind or in the mind of another, it is the same opportunity. Something is arising, and it is time to bathe it in light so it can dissolve. When you feel this weight and this tension, call upon us so we can walk you through releasing it, seeing clearly that you and all others are the conduits for harmony right now, no matter what roles you are playing. Anyone at all playing any role can receive a call to awakening. You call others to awakening when you see the wholeness and beauty they are right now. When you look upon their unblemished perfection, you allow a representation of that to enter your world. When you see them as they truly are, you invite them to access their true power.

Can you see the significance of easing the burden on the collective, making clarity more directly available, cleaning up the thought streams? It is very beautiful work. It is what makes world transformation possible. World transformation happens in your hearts and minds before it is seen and experienced collectively. We are celestial janitors, and we love what we do. We love sharing our abilities with you so you can share them with all.

All have the shared ability to allow sanity to permeate the collective. All have the ability to activate this shared ability in others. This is why whenever you meet someone or think of someone, it is a sacred contact. It is always an opportunity to share the joy we are. The more you remember this, the more you will notice yourself abiding in the simplicity of shared Self, sharing the awareness of that. The more you abide in the simplicity of shared Self, the more frenetic mind activity drops away, easing the burden on the collective. You all have very beautiful gifts to give.

All have the ability to allow the power of Creation to flow through them to the collective. In this season of gift-giving, there is no greater gift.  We delight in sharing it with you, and we are filled with joy as we see you sharing it with others.

Photo by Abby Kihano from Pexels

2 thoughts on “Miracles are easy

  1. “Whenever you meet or think of someone it is a sacred contact.” Wow! Thank you for sharing these miracles with us, dear Julie. Wish you blessed and beautiful Holy Days. Thank you for the peace and joy you shine upon us with your Being and words. 🙂

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