Oh, come, little children

We wish to speak to you of techniques and limitations.

A technique is a limitation, but if it calls to you, it can help you approach the place where you will drop limitation. You are not capable of judging the technique used by another. You are not capable of judging the overall effectiveness of a technique. There is no sense in wasting time trying to do either one. It is simply not your function.

Remember that all things are perfectly placed. Knowing this, remember that all will be brought together with what serves them. Maybe sometimes you will be the agent of bringing someone together with a technique or a methodology, but the opportunity to do so will be spontaneous. It won’t feel forced. There will be no anxiety or insistence there.

Knowing that you are not capable of judging the worth of a technique, what is left? You simply go where you are attracted, and you trust in that. When something is not needed in your life anymore, it will drop away. If you trust in that for yourself, you can trust in that for everyone else, too.

All judging minds encourage all the other minds to keep judging. When some minds realize they are not capable of judging, but they are capable of following the guidance of attraction and repulsion, all minds learn to drop judgment. It’s a very kind virus. When judgment is dropped, the ability to align with true function emerges.

The job of a technique is to bring you to the place where you can let go of technique, so if you have technique and ritual in your life, embrace and allow it until it falls away of its own accord. If others have technique and ritual, embrace and allow until it falls away. There is nothing else to do, since you are not truly capable of judging.

Technique is trickery. The ego thinks it is in charge when it applies technique, so the ego is satisfied while it is brought to the place where it can be dissolved. You can lead ego to the light if it thinks it manages and organizes its approach. Once you reach the light, however, there is nothing to be seen. Ego is not real. This is another way of saying that you think you separated from your creator, but you never did. We work with thoughts of separation on the levels and in the ways that you can look at them and allow them to dissolve.

Mind is free, but ego–a figment–is insisting mind is not free, subject to limitation, and it is believed. This is what “bad” feelings are all about. When you have a negative feeling, it is an alarm for you to let you know that you have fallen under ego’s spell and are believing its suggestions.

Must you fight to get out of ego’s snare? No, because ego is not real. Ego is a net that seems to exist because of your belief in it. So the solution is to stay still and to allow the net to dissolve in your perception. This goes for what you see as your ego and what you see as the ego of another. It’s all part of the same delusion–an insistence on a separation that never happened.

Technique in and of itself is a form of limitation, a part of this net. This is why it, too, eventually dissolves. But there is no need to judge technique or anything else because you cannot judge. It has never been your job to judge. That’s been part of the illusion. It is your function to expand in joy.

When you turn the whole of the illusion over to Life itself, over to what you truly are and always have been, then you can merely go where you are attracted and move away where you are repulsed. You may hear judgments passing through the pristine awareness you are, but that is all they can do They pass through. If you hold onto them as if they are yourself, you will feel your alarm, your indicator that you have done so, in the form of negative emotion.

If a technique arises that is for you, you do it until it falls away, but it is never for anyone else. You may find yourself recommending a technique if someone asks for assistance, but it will feel spontaneous and not based in a belief. It will come from flow rather than from rigidity.

Allow the love you are to use the ego in the undoing of egoic perception. Allow your perceived ego, which is really just a figment, to be used by the light you are in dissolving all misperception, ending the perception of separation. “You,” perceived as a separate and struggling entity, don’t know how to do any of this. The perceived separate and struggling entity only knows how to make more illusion through thought. So allow that which seems bigger than you  (but is You) to show you and tell you where to go, what to do, and what to say. Be willing to be led as you release misperception.

We are always walking alongside you offering all the help you are willing to accept. When you feel enmeshed in a snare that has no reality, call upon us to assist you with your perspective. That is our function, and we delight in providing this assistance.

Photo by Patrick Selin on Unsplash


As I was receiving this message, I heard two songs. One speaks of the call to witness our innocence and to allow our misperception to be corrected.

I have often referred to myself as having a Christianity allergy, as judging the message of Christianity by the acts that seem to have been perpetrated to promote it. I’ve even had memories of lifetimes (although it seems to me that we all have access to all the different lifetime memories–they’re not just mine) when I was put to death because people believed I was a threat due to my nonconformity. So to see this hymn through a new lens was very healing for me. When I read the lyrics, it seemed very clear to me that it’s a call to view the Christ–the innocence that we all are.

The other speaks of following an illusion.

I could feel my reactiveness heating up. Men and boys are performing the call to innocence, and a woman, a witch, is leading the call to enchantment and illusion. My IT’S NOT FAIR really kicked up, and I could see and feel very clearly all of the judgment and misperception. I’m the only one who can let it go! When I do, I reduce the collective burden on everyone.

Every piece of the illusion we made can be used to lead us out of it, and we know where we’re going by how it feels. 💚

8 thoughts on “Oh, come, little children

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Julie! I agree with every word. I’ve had similar experiences and feel this message is so appropriate at this time. I also feel this portends a great breakthrough for the Collective! 💞

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