Shutting down the nightmare factory

You Are, and because you Are, you cannot be anything separate from what you are. That means you can’t be a deficiency, but you can play a role within an illusion. The same goes for everyone else. Your ability to see through and beyond roles quickly is what allows you to remember yourSelf, to be aware of its ever-presence, and to encourage and allow it to come shining through the illusion in every moment. Before you feared allowing yourSelf to penetrate fiction because you believed you had done wrong. Now you remember that it was never possible for you to actually do anything outside of Divine Will. You could pretend to enact a pantomime in thought, but that is all.

Yes, in a sense you lose the whole world, because the whole world has been a fiction, a pantomime. But now you know you are very safe within this story, and you are here to seemingly bring light to it. We say seemingly because you don’t improve nothingness. Your story is truly nothing at all, and that is why no one deserves blame or punishment. So you are here to see the one Something that has existed beneath the story at all times. As you see it consistently, others can, too, because all minds are always touching. There is only one Mind.

You show up within this story, and you seem to have a role. It is important to catch yourself taking your role personally, to notice yourself finding some personal significance in the role of seeming other. Whenever that happens, you are being handed an opportunity. At this moment, you can seemingly (we’re going to use this word a lot to remind you of the unreality of what you are imagining) poke a hole in the roof of this experience to allow the light to come streaming in. What you’re doing is giving up the fantasy. As you give up the fantasy and its structures, you allow What Is to become evident. As you allow this to happen within what you experience as your mind, you make the experience more available to all other minds across time and space because you’re always in contact with all of them.

Whatever role you have been playing, whether that of villain or saint, it matters not. Now is your opportunity to blossom without judgment into the love you and all others have always been. Without that impediment of judgment, you can feel All expanding in joy, always, so appreciate every opportunity you are being given to drop judgment. It is our profound joy to see you awakening from your slumber. Sleeping angels, dreaming of not-harmony. That’s all you have ever been, and that is why there is nothing to forgive. You only need to wake up.

All minds are touching at all times. If you are busy judging others (and this is habitual, so be gentle with yourself as the habit falls away in time), you are sending out telepathic temptation to them to refer to what is unreal as if it is real. When you drop the habit, as you are doing now, you assist all minds in finding pathways to dropping judgment. When you drop judgment, you stop treating this world as if it is real, as if it has power over what you are. When you stop treating this world as real, a world that reflects love is allowed to replace the nightmare you have been having, encouraging, and developing. You just stop the one thing, and then the other thing (a reflection of the Real) comes into view.

When you realize what you are doing, you stop. It becomes very obvious. When you touch a hot stove, you stop immediately. It’s going to become this obvious with judgments and with thoughts that develop illusion. You’re going to have this “Hot stove!” feeling, and then you will simply stop. You’re understanding what pain is and where it comes from. Once you know, you don’t make the mistake of developing and sharing that experience of pain.

What you seem to be doing is illusory, but it seems very real. We help you out of the nightmare you keep replicating, and it is our delight to see you discover the mechanics of replication. As you learn to stop churning out nightmares and to simply enjoy where you have always been–held in love–others will learn to do the same. All action will wind down and harmonize–from separate and conflicted actions into divinely ordered and harmonious action. Enjoy the ride and appreciate those moments when you are shown the mechanics of nightmare-making so you can stop participating in the back and forth of it. You are held in Love, always, and it is safe for you to enjoy that.

Photo by Dmitry Bayer on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Shutting down the nightmare factory

  1. This is so helpful. I got two pointers from this — one – what am i doing to make the illusion bigger and 2. judgment – it almost seems like i just have to watch my mind or feel my heart – when it contracts, i am jumping in the illusion – with judgment of the situation or people. Thank YOU — looking forward to remembering and practicing this tomorrow. Blessings, love and hugs beautiful Julie. 💛 Thank YOU – again and again.

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