Flow with us

You give up nothing in giving up reliance on ego. Ego is nothing. It seems like something, and that is the basis of separation perception, judgment and reactiveness. When you ask to see truly, you ask to see beyond your current reliance on ego. To ask to see truly is to express a willingness to release egoic perception.

Every  time you feel tension, you are feeling an attachment to ego. Simply notice today. When you become aware that you feel tension, do you attempt to find a cause in a body or in a world or in a person who seems other? This is the basis of separation perception. Are you willing to have the foundation of separation perception melted away? This is how we can assist you.

So every time you feel tension, remember us. Every seemingly separate one has an “us,” a team of energetic beings constantly surrounding them with love and support. This is why no one needs your pity. They’re truly okay, but that might not be their perception. If you feel tension when you look at the condition of another, apply to us first for assistance. Ask to see things as they are. Stop for a breath. Then you will be inspired to act or not act, speak or not speak, accordingly.

Allow this day to be one of perception correction. Allow this day to be one of inspired speech and action.

The attachments to ego are  what you can offer up to us. Every time attachments come up in the form of tension or disturbance, you can either handle it yourself and manage things as an ego, or you can stop, recognize and appreciate the opportunity for healing, and offer up the ego attachment to us. Simply stop for one breath. Recognize what is happening and take a breath to accept healing and to become aware of inspiration.

As you do this, you will feel yourself spiraling down into a settledness, a doing and saying with us. This is flow. This is ease. This is joining.

Sometimes it feels as though you are following instructions. There is a gap between the hearing and the carrying out. Other times you are just doing or speaking without tension.

There are times when it seems like thought is rampant, tension is high. We recommend that you stand down during these times. Whatever action seems important is not very important. Whatever words seem urgent probably don’t matter very much. You do have time for a breath, however. This time to stop and readjust switches you over from egoic propulsion to flow with All.

The feeling of this doing and saying together is settled, gentle, undisturbed, joyous.  We invite you to settle down with us today. We invite you to move with us, speak with us, act with us. We are always with you, and we offer one thing–healing. Thank you for the healing you accept and share.

Photo by Mel on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see I stop for healing.

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