Your foes are considerate

Knowing is a frequency to which you can attune. What to do in a particular situation? What comes next for you in your day? Any and all questions that arise can be answered by Knowing. We invite you to ask Knowing for all of your answers today.

We have encouraged you in the past to think of ego as a small box–a box you invented in order to have the experience of separation perception. When you listen to and believe the thoughts ego sends out, you remain in separation perception. When you stop listening to ego thoughts, their volume grows weaker. When you listen to the thoughts of Knowing more and more, their volume grows louder. You stop listening to ego thoughts when you stop believing them. This means that you stop believing the thoughts that disturb your peace.

We use the box image in order to show you that ego is not a mighty foe. It is, however, an ingenious invention. When you get right down to it, it is nothing at all. It has no actual existence, but this metaphor will help you not turn it into a person, an enemy. It simply does the job it was designed for. It sends out disturbing thoughts to each personality structure that that personality structure is most likely to believe. Then personality structures make themselves more complex and elaborate through accumulation of conflict-based thought.

When we speak of the frequency of Knowing, we speak of the frequency of Love. Love is what you are, and it is what all beings are. With that Love comes Knowing. As you are beginning to doubt the thoughts of ego, Knowing seems to come to you (although it is you and is never apart from you) in the form of thought. When ego thoughts are no longer heard because they are no longer valued, Knowing is more of a flow of expression and the extension of Love.

In attuning to the frequency of Knowing, you do not value conflict thoughts.  Conflict thoughts have no meaning, but the simple guidance of Love is everything. Although there is great ease in following the thoughts of Knowing, as a personality structure made of egoic thought weakens and falls, there can be times of great struggle and distress. The urge to hold onto what is familiar–a call sent out by ego–can be valued more than what Knowing can provide, which is peace. Whenever you are not at peace, it is time to accept healing for yourself. This is how to ease your grip on ego’s thoughts. It is always you–you are the one who is holding onto them. And you are the one who can let go.

Conflict thoughts are heard when there is still confusion about what has happened here. You chose ego and separation perception. As time appears to continue in a linear fashion, you keep choosing for ego and separation perception because you fear punishment for the world of conflict you have created. Only you didn’t create it. Creation is fully harmonious, and that which is fully harmonious cannot be disturbed or damaged. You made an illusion, and you keep clinging to this illusion in fear.

As you begin to question ego thought and to set it down, the thoughts of Knowing begin to dominate in your experience. As you trust Knowing above all else, the volume of conflict thoughts diminishes. As you trust Knowing, which is another way of saying that you trust who you actually are–Love–you realize that you are forgiven and there never has been anything to forgive. As you realize this about yourself, you are able to apply this lesson to the world you think you see. You see it as a healing drama that serves all, and you understand that all are forgiven now, and there never was anything to forgive.

Looking upon this healing drama, you can see that everyone is either reflecting the joy of shared identity or showing up in a way that shows beings what they have been hiding so they can accept healing for it now.

Here’s how the healing drama works. Of course we have told you before, but as you still value ego thought, you need reminders so you will learn to see it as meaningless. Each time we tell you, you go deeper. Your ability to see through egoic thought gets stronger.

Let’s say your neighbor grins at you. Your neighbor is simply basking in shared identity for that moment. Let’s say your neighbor takes an action that irritates you. Your neighbor hires someone to spray chemicals on the lawn. What a tremendous opportunity this is. You get the opportunity to see through all of the meaning and significance you attach to physicality. You get to see how profoundly safe you are.

Each fault you see in your neighbor–it’s actually a reflection of a point of attachment to ego that you can have undone right now by your nonphysical team. All they need is your agreement. So let’s say you feel triggered by a number of what appear to be individual things.

You hear and believe the thought that your neighbor is inconsiderate. Here is your opportunity: Because you are still listening to and believing egoic thought, your speech and actions still come from conflict, and they are like your neighbor’s speech and action as you perceive them. This makes you the same kind of inconsiderate your neighbor is. Both of you are listening to and acting upon untrue thoughts, so you are not considering who you actually are. You are not allowing loving action to flow uninterrupted from shared identity yet. This is the basis of being inconsiderate. You do not consider who you are.

Here’s the exciting part: Right this minute, you have the opportunity to undo this attachment to egoic thought, and your neighbor alerted you to the opportunity. This is where the namaste, the bow of gratitude, comes in. You become genuinely grateful for how your neighbor showed you that you are still listening to an acting on egoic thought. If you weren’t, you would meet the spraying of the lawn in complete peace, for that is what you are.

Your neighbor also helps you become aware that you are attached to fear. This is why you have allowed fear to run the healing drama. You fear the spray, so that means you endow the spray with harmful properties. You believe, and belief has everything to do with experiences. This is a tough one to hear, but it is time and it is very freeing to hear it. Collectively, you all endow everything physical with all of the properties it appears to have. This happens when scientific studies are done, too. Scientists try to discover what definite properties the physical has, only the physical can only have the properties you project upon it.

In bringing up this fear about the physical and its potential to harm not a being, but a body, you value what ego made for the experience of separation perception. You value that which was designed to be harmed. The body was also designed to die. When you identify with a body, you identify with death and forget that you are life eternal. When you turn the whole of the world experience over for the purpose of healing, however, the body becomes a wonderful way to communicate with other beings about freedom, a wonderful way to express Love and to share good news.

So going back to your neighbor and the spray, the beautiful being your neighbor is–that beautiful being is helping you to become aware of a wonderful healing opportunity. You can undo belief in the power of the physical to harm. This is the basis of miracles.

So when you are triggered, say yes to your energetic team. Say yes to perception correction. Thank the one who triggered you. They hold the key to your freedom. As you accept the freedom of healed perception, it becomes more available to the one who helped you, too, to the chemical-spraying neighbor. Isn’t it amazing how incredibly considerate the one who triggered you is? She allowed you to go first into awakening. She let you go through that door first. She held it open for you and said, “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. You just beam joy back at me from where you’re going, and that will pull me through, too.”

Seeing the truth of all beings is blindingly beautiful, and in this state it is easy not to hear ego’s thoughts. We invite you to Knowing today. We invite you to the Truth of all beings. And we are always rejoicing with you there. Thank you for all the perception correction you are willing to receive today.

Photo by Solaiman Hossen on Unsplash

For a practice, see Practice 17 – Thank you for showing up as you do

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